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What we’re about

Be part of the emerging new economy that works for all - with no one and nothing left out. 

• Be part of the Hudson Valley New Economy Meetup. Be part something important - something that supports you, your community and life on earth. 

• Be part of the Hudson Valley New Economy Meetup. We will be sharing solutions. We will be meeting to discuss and highlight the emerging new economy that meets human needs, enhances the quality of life, and allows people and communities to live in balance with nature. 

• You will leave our meetups - touched, moved, inspired and in action.  Our meetups will be indoors and outdoors, discussing, networking, discovering ways to strengthen and support the emerging new economy in our midst. We will be listening to influential speakers, skill sharing, pot lucking, sailing, hiking, dancing, visiting organic farms, watching solar installations, etc > and finding ways to bring balance to our lives, our families, our organizations and our communities. You will network with new economy leaders, sustainable energy providers, organic farmers, labor groups, activist groups, new technology startups, community social services, local currency providers, alternative health and well being providers, transformational education coaches and so much more. 

• Sounds great ... Join us now.