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Calling out for all local Starseeds, Lightworkers & Earth Angels. This group is for the advanced awakened souls, who have a given mission to help our fellow humans (who have questions, ideas or “no idea” as to what's going on in this changing world or cosmos). But, it's also open to those newly awakened. The main subject we are aiming for in these meetings is to work off each other, to find ways to support mankind & Gaia (Mother Earth ). By doing this, we raise our spiritual and conscious vibrations to higher levels.
These discussions will be open to spiritualists, psychics and empaths, self-healers, people of religion (with open minds) and especially those who are of ET background (“highbreds”). Most of us have the knowledge inside us, but sometimes, it takes a spark from outside of ourselves to trigger the downloads we need to help others. I know, like myself, there are a lot of people out there that have heard the call to fulfill their missions here on Earth.
Are you awake & confused? Or been through all the preliminary research and now wondering “what's next?”, “what am I supposed to do now?” At times, we need someone to talk to about these things. Most of our family and friends think us as "odd" (or worse), they don't want to talk to us about "out there" or "woowoo" subjects. Can you relate? This is where “Starseeds, Lightworkers & Earth Angels” unite. Together, we are strong.

A LOVING REMINDER: These meetings are not for: social “pick-ups”, rant sessions, political or religious recruitment, or any other topics that might be deemed “negative” in nature. Whatever you involve yourself in outside of the meeting environment, if it's not of an evolving, loving, uplifting nature, please leave it outside. We're hoping these meetings will remain positive, helpful, and Healing.

Note: Due to the high cost of carrying these meetings, I'm putting it out there that "Love Donation" are highly appreciated. In the past we've had people sign up but not attend any meetings. This takes up space on our limited members list, which incurs an added fee if we go over that number. Also, anyone who has not visited the website in over 2 months, will be removed from the list. All are welcomed to return/rejoin. I wish you all well in your futures. Love & Light to all.

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Discussion on the Eerie & Strange

Cat's Place

Halloween is here (well almost). Time to bring out the things that have "creeped" us out over the years. Strange sounds/voices, catching the movement of a shadow, pin-pricks down the spine, deja vu, etc. Have you met any ghosts? Let's share our experiences with each other. If the temperature is cool enough, we'll sit around a small bond fire. Should be a hoot (was that an owl?). Hope to see you all there.

Cords of Attachment: To cut or not to cut.

Needs a location

We are all spiritual beings. Every minute of every day (including when we sleep), we are sharing energy with fellow humans, animals, and nature. Sometimes we can pick up attachments to others that do not serve ours or their highest good. Energetic bonds can happen with any chakra, or multiple chakras, within your energy body. Most of these bonds happen naturally—they are with our friends, family, children, co-workers, neighbors, and they are welcome bonds. Helpful energy bonds consist of mutual sharing, respect, trust, and love. But because we are always in a state of growth, sometimes bonds can outlive their purpose. When this happens, cord-cutting can be beneficial to both parties involved.

Your Hometown: A Christmas Gift To Yourself

Needs a location

This time of year, we're all hustling & bustling, consumed with thoughts of gift buying, visiting family & friends, and the general stress of the season. Here's an idea: stop for 15-20, take a few needed deep breaths, go into your inner peaceful place and think about your hometown (or any place that you enjoyed living). See it in your mind's eye as clearly as you can, any/all negative aspects (eg: pollution, crime, unfriendly people, any uncomfortable living conditions, etc). Now, imagine how this same place would look if you could remake it from a 5th dimensional point of view. Describe what you experience in your new world: sounds, sights, smells, tastes or feel. Has modes of transportation or communication changed, are the vegetation or animals the same? Write a paragraph (or several) of what you see. Be as descriptive as possible. Let's share with our fellow starseeds/lightworkers what a beautiful place our new world will be. If you're like me, every time you re-read your script, you'll long for this place. And the longing will bring it closer to you. This is your gift to yourself. Relish in the beauty. Love to all. Namaste.

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Raising Our Vibrations Through Vocal Toning

14802 Old Dixie Hwy

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