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Greetings Fellow ♥ EARTH ANGELS ♥ and Co -CREATORS of NEW EARTH
Welcome to Hue 'n' I -- located in the heart of the Inner Richmond District of San Francisco -- we are an ARTIST & HEALER collective fueled by our passion for spiritual & creative exploration guided by the COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUS within all that is. We are artists, poets, musicians, storytellers, healers, people of all ethnicities coming together to celebrate the human spirit and to fiercely protect & defend all we consider sacred on our planet. Together we MANIFEST OUR COLLECTIVE DREAM …ONE WORLD for ALL

Our vision – A NEW WAY OF BEING -- breaking down the walls that divide us as we support each other to be the best versions of ourselves ... SHINING OUR INNER LIGHT ...inspiring LOVE & AWESOMENESS everywhere we go!!! Let us be the change we want to see in the world!

We host FREE/donation-based SPIRITUAL WORKSHOPS on topics such as Energy Healing, Pranic Healing, Spiritual Art, Meditation, Arhatic Yoga, Psychic Self-defense, Crystal Healing, Oracle Card Reading, Psychic Mediumship, Spiritual Sexuality, Angel Healing, Feng Shui, Aromatherapy, TIPI, Holistic Healing for Pets, volunteer opportunities abroad etc. Community Service Opportunities available - It is in giving that we receive! If you are interested in hosting your own events through our meetup group you may join us as an event organizer. We are always looking for passionate souls to INSPIRE the collective ...our CREATIVE OASIS for all who wish to support the ARTS! ART SHOWS ... DRUM CIRCLES ... and so much more!

We also encourage our members to explore CREATIVE SELF EMPLOYMENT through our Self-Mastery program especially designed for our EARTH ANGELS - Living a more authentic life in alignment with our creative passions and Divine purpose as we inspire others to do the same is what this program is all about. Each one of us has multiple gifts to share with this realm. Perhaps you want to explore Music... Painting... Poetry or a Teaching career...be a Chef, a Street Musician or a Face-Painter... or start your own youtube channel! What better way to raise the vibration of this planet than for each of us to vibrate at our highest potential doing what we LOVE! Join our group of CREATIVE Entrepreneurs as we come together as Volunteers in self-less service to Humanity - receiving donations for the creative gifts/services we share. There is a monthly donation to join this group - It is in giving that we receive - This is the Divine Law! Thank you for your support!

A special note to all our EARTH ANGELS who are here to facilitate the awakening of the human species-- do not be discouraged by the chaos you see around you as it is all serving a very important purpose -- it is forcing humanity to RISE as a powerful force of LOVE as we face our COLLECTIVE TRUTH ...letting go of all that no longer resonates with our soul. This is a necessary phase in our evolution... and we have been preparing for this ... we are ready... we are supported...and we will RISE TOGETHER... OUR TIME IS NOW!

Hue 'n' I ... coming together to HEAL ... CREATE & INSPIRE!

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WISH MANIFESTATION: Sacred Mandala Painting

Hue 'n' I

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Hue 'n' I


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WISH MANIFESTATION: Sacred Mandala Painting

Hue 'n' I

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