What we're about

We are a newly-established, friendly and informal book group in Hull, open to those who like to read and want the opportunity to meet new, interesting people. We are also Hull's premier book group, with a fast-growing membership and exciting network!

We meet on the first Wednesday of every month (in the evening) to discuss the chosen book, but members are more than welcome to stay after the 1-hour discussion for drinks and conversation.

So if you want to share in a love for reading in the cultural capital of Britain, please sign-up today!

Why not join the Facebook group for more information? https://www.facebook.com/groups/Hullofaread/

Upcoming events (2)

June 2021: "All Systems Red" by Martha Wells

Online event

Our June meeting focuses on the sci-fi novella "All Systems Red", the first in the 'Murderbot diaries'.
"In a corporate-dominated spacefaring future, planetary missions must be approved and supplied by the Company. Exploratory teams are accompanied by Company-supplied security androids, for their own safety.
But in a society where contracts are awarded to the lowest bidder, safety isn't a primary concern.
On a distant planet, a team of scientists are conducting surface tests, shadowed by their Company-supplied 'droid—a self-aware SecUnit that has hacked its own governor module, and refers to itself (though never out loud) as "Murderbot." Scornful of humans, all it really wants is to be left alone long enough to figure out who it is.
But when a neighbouring mission goes dark, it's up to the scientists and their Murderbot to get to the truth."

All being well, this should be the last meeting we will have on Zoom. The link will be posted a couple of days before the date of the meet. See you all there!

July 2021: "Lakewood" by Megan Giddings

Pearsons Bar

"When Lena Johnson’s beloved grandmother dies, and the full extent of the family debt is revealed, the black millennial drops out of college to support her family and takes a job in the mysterious and remote town of Lakewood, Michigan.

On paper, her new job is too good to be true. High paying. No out of pocket medical expenses. A free place to live. All Lena has to do is participate in a secret program—and lie to her friends and family about the research being done in Lakewood. An eye drop that makes brown eyes blue, a medication that could be a cure for dementia, golden pills promised to make all bad thoughts go away.

The discoveries made in Lakewood, Lena is told, will change the world—but the consequences for the subjects involved could be devastating. As the truths of the program reveal themselves, Lena learns how much she’s willing to sacrifice for the sake of her family.

Provocative and thrilling, Lakewood is a breathtaking novel that takes an unflinching look at the moral dilemmas many working-class families face, and the horror that has been forced on black bodies in the name of science."

This meeting will take place at Pearsons Pub, Princes Ave all being well. By this time all restrictions will have eased. Of course, this is contingent on the lockdown roadmap being followed. As we know, the easing of restrictions are subject to change so if anything happens regarding location we will update you ASAP.

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May 2021: "Klara and the Sun" by Kazuo Ishiguro

Online event

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