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Setting Up Yourself for Success

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Setting Up Yourself for Success
Human Systems Technology

Looking at last year’s achievements, the question that comes up for most of us is,
How well have I done for myself?
Why haven’t I managed to do any better?
And then feelings of anger, resentment or self-doubt come up in our heart.
A lot of us think success is elusive, it happens when our losses are more than our wins. Sometimes the wins are so few that one loss wipes all our efforts, we go into a negative belief and doubt ourselves for every time we do something. When you think negative and outcome most probably is negative
Often, we put the cause, to our luck, our fortune or divine will. Whether its business loss, promotion or failure to close a deal; But someone else came in and successfully did what we couldn’t. So why the other person has a successful business or gets promoted or lands the contracts successfully more regularly than us.
The truth is that we all deserve success as much as the next person. The reason someone else is more successful is the deep belief in themselves which resides deep in their sub conscious and genes and this is what is missing in our system. Its lack of trust to our own self, fear of failure, intimidation or lack of confidence which trip us as we walk towards success.
Human Systems Technology, a powerful new healing technique, goes deep into the very essence of your being, at a subconscious emotional and genetic level. The healing, does a deep powerful and focused cleanse. After that all aspects of you are focused on success with harmony – winning with joy and winning permanently. It becomes a part of life rather than a rare event.
Why participate in this workshop?
• You get control of your life.
• Release what stops you from success.
• It enables you to move forward with your life.
• Focus on your success.
• Build yourself esteem and confidence.
• Forgive yourself for your mistakes.
• Reconnect to your gifts and talents.
• Release guilty pleasures.
• Shift disappointment to success.
• Buildup your self -trust and faith.
• Reclaim your own power
• Feel honored, appreciated and accepted.

Mark your diaries and meet me for this powerful workshop
Teacher: Eliana Eleftheriou
Date: 7th of February
Time: 8:00 – 9:15 pm
Location: Mishckat Conferences and Seminars L.L.C
Address: B2B Tower, Office 2011. Business Bay, Dubai, UAE
Investment: AED 100
Please book your seat in advance for the event at this number by what’s app[masked]
Available for personal sessions from 02/02 - 10/02

What is Human Systems Technology?

"Human Systems Technology is created by Eliana Eleftheriou and It is a new dynamic method of re-counting the human bioactive field and reprogramming the subconscious. Easily and much faster than you've ever experienced, it makes you a sovereign of your life, giving you the ability to get rid of what you're upset about. "
You live your life based on what you believe, on how you feel and think and not based on what you desire and wan

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AED 100 - to book what's app -[masked] or visit