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We host a variety of events designed to start conversations about human trafficking issues locally, nationally, and globally. Through our events, exhibits and other forums we provide opportunities to learn and talk about human trafficking while appreciating local talent and art from around the world.

Denver’s thriving economy has given rise to the arts. It’s also a transit zone and hub for victims of labor and sex-trafficking, and like the rest of the country, we face an ever growing problem with modern day slavery. If you are of the mindset to honor the creativity of the human spirit in all of us, and want to join others in helping to express it as an avenue to fight its opposite: slavery in all of its forms, then please consider joining our efforts to find solutions to this problem. Help plan and execute our events; attend our events; share us on social media; become a Project HARTwork artist and support our artists and our cause by purchasing art. Bring your creative spirit, ideas and talents and let’s see how we can employ the power of art to make a difference!

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Beyond The Gallery: A Denver Arts Week Event

Sarkisian's Rugs & Fine Art

Denver Arts Week Kick-Off Party

1120 Delaware St

Project HARTwork Book Club

Barnes & Noble

Art Walk

Barnes & Noble

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