• Humane Tech NYC: A Hands-on Workshop for Creating Impact

    After a year of building the Center for Humane Technology’s NYC community and bringing awareness of key issues of the movement, we’re shifting gears towards creating real-world impact on the issues. Inspired by the Center for Humane Technology’s recent call-to-action for communities to take action at the local level, we are hosting the first of a series of hands-on, action-oriented Humane Tech workshops. In this month’s workshop, we’re going to ask you to get involved; bring your subject matter expertise and passion to play a role in ideating solutions through the Center for Humane Technology’s model for change. We’ll focus on ideas for creating impact through the lens of internal pressure at major tech companies, external pressure at the public and policy level, and inspirational thought leadership. All you need to do is fill out a quick survey and show up prepared to engage and participate. We hope that through these workshops, people will find a space to channel their passion and inspiration, connect with like-minded collaborators, feel empowered, and ultimately contribute to our community’s actionable and impactful efforts. Survey: https://humanetech.typeform.com/to/HuDro9 The Details When You Register: We’ll ask you to complete a short survey about your area of expertise and interest areas in humane tech solutions that we’ll work on at the event. Our team will use these surveys to organize small working groups. At the event: We’ll select group leaders, and break up into groups to explore/define problem spaces and explore/develop solutions. With only a couple of hours to dive in, think of the solutions we create in this first workshop as initial gestures toward longer-term solutions, strategies, thought leadership, drawings, prototypes, and so on. Each group leader will have a chance to present their group’s work to the entire gathering. After the event: We’ll select top ideas for refinement and planning at future workshops, inviting key leaders and experts to help us take them from concept to action.

  • Parenting in the Age Of Digital Technology

    Betaworks Studio

    Sign up here! https://humanetech.typeform.com/to/kLyxkg Cost: FREE Talk Description: We’ve been swept up in the powerful forces of the digital age before we had a chance to ask the crucial questions about its effects on ourselves and our families. Now, with the impacts of the attention economy becoming fully realized, we’re left scrambling for solutions to protect our privacy, mental health, and children. Join us at the next gathering of the Humane Tech NYC community for an interview with psychotherapist and parenting coach, Teodora Pavkovic, who will help us address some of the most pressing questions and concerns parents have about their children being connected to technology. She will share her insights into the deep psychoemotional impact of technology on both children and adults, and introduce us to the exciting idea of using emotional intelligence as a tool to navigate and manage technology use as individuals and families. This event is hosted by the Center for Humane Technology’s NYC community organizers Margot Hanley, Giancarlo Pitocco, and Max Shron. Agenda: 7-715 Meet and Greet[masked] Talk, Q&A 830-9 Happy 1/2Hour Teodora's Bio: Teodora is a New York City based psychologist, international speaker and parenting coach with over 10 years of international experience working with children and parents with emotional and behavioral difficulties. She specializes in digital wellness and parenting in the age of technology and addresses these issues with an approach rooted in emotional intelligence and neuroscience research, as well as positive psychology and mindfulness practices. Teodora’s tips on parenting, well-being, empathy, emotional intelligence and other psychological topics have appeared in articles on NBC News, Thriveworks, Huffington Post, and Thrive Global among others, and she spoke on the topic of emodiversity at the TEDxPickeringStreet conference in Singapore last year. You can find out more about her work at www.teopcoaching.com She holds an MFA in Interaction Design from the School of Visual Arts (New York City) and a Bachelor of Technology from Ryerson University (Toronto).

  • Tinder Lovin’: Lessons on online dating and modern love

    Cost: FREE Talk Description: Ruth is an interaction designer who specializes in interfaces, human behavior, and in shaping experiences. Her talk dives deep into her year long thesis on Online dating; dispelling common myths and unfolding her research methodology using psychology, behavioral science, and neuroscience to break down the paradoxical phenomenon that is modern dating today. Agenda: 7-715 Meet and Greet[masked] Talk, Q&A 830-9 Happy 1/2Hour Ruth's Bio: Ruth Tupe is an interaction designer, educator, and entrepreneur with expertise in human-centered design. Her work often elevates the human experience by designing for collaboration, connection, and conversation. Her current obsessions are data science, behavioral science, and cybernetics. Notable projects include Crush Club: a social experiment/alternative to online dating, 50 Shades of Frames: a perspective-shifting card game for creatives successfully funded on Kickstarter, and EyePilot: the first optically controlled video game to bring ALS awareness. She holds an MFA in Interaction Design from the School of Visual Arts (New York City) and a Bachelor of Technology from Ryerson University (Toronto). ruthtupe.com | @ruthtupe

  • Cultivating Presence in the Smartphone Age

    Betaworks Studio

    Cost: FREE Talk Description: Our relationship to technology feels out of balance, this workshop will help you fix that. When you allow technology to monopolize your attention, you neglect your responsibility to yourself, and to living out the purpose you were born to fulfill on earth. Untamed, the devices meant to empower and connect humanity are leading to an epidemic of loneliness and depression - and unmanifested genius. It’s time to put technology in service of your best life. Join us for a workshop that creates awareness of the influence technology has on you, explore practical methods for that will transform your relationship with your devices, and open you up to living life to your fullest potential. You'll walk away with a clear understanding of how to cultivate a more balanced relationship with the tech in your life. Agenda: 7-715 Meet and Greet[masked] Talk, Q&A 830-9 Happy 1/2Hour Giancarlo's Bio: This workshop is led by Giancarlo Pitocco. Throughout his career at companies like Facebook/Instagram, Apple, and the world’s largest ad agencies, he has studied the influence of technology on how people think, feel, and act. Now, Giancarlo is on a mission to transform the way we use technology to liberate the creative intelligence of humanity. He leads workshops that help people, organizations, and communities develop relationships between themselves and technology that cultivates well-being.

  • Designing Against Discrimination on Tech Platforms

    Betaworks Studio

    "Designing Against Discrimination On Tech Platforms": talk presented by Solon Barocas Cost: $10 donation appreciated (goes to cost of running the meetup, food, drinks, etc!) Feel free to pay through meetup or cash at the door. Talk Description: Platforms that connect people for transportation, employment, housing, dating and more have flourished on the Internet. But people don’t come online as blank slates; they often bring their prejudices and biases with them. Platforms' design and policy choices can influence how much users end up discriminating against one another in these interactions. Online platforms exercise a great deal of control as to how users interact and how their encounters are structured. Who gets matched for dates on Tinder? What information do rider and drivers get about each other on Uber? How do platforms, broadly, signal reliability or reputation? In this presentation, Solon will analyze ten different design and policy choices through which platforms make themselves more or less vulnerable to discrimination by users. How do the decisions made by these platforms perpetuate, exacerbate, or alleviate discrimination in the contemporary economy? Agenda: 7-715 Meet & Greet[masked] Talk, Q&A 830-9 Happy 1/2 Hour Solon's Bio: Solon Barocas is Assistant Professor in the Department of Information Science at Cornell University. He is also a Faculty Associate at the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University. His research explores ethical and policy issues in artificial intelligence, particularly fairness in machine learning, methods for bringing accountability to automated decision-making, and the privacy implications of inference. He co-founded the annual workshop on Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency in Machine Learning (FAT/ML) and later established the ACM conference on Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency (FAT*)

  • Purposeful Tech Workshop

    Betaworks Studio

    Purposeful Tech Workshop: Creating A Healthier Relationship To The Technology In Your Life Cost: $10 donation appreciated (goes to cost of running the meetup, food, drinks, etc!) Feel free to pay through meetup or cash at the door. Workshop Description: Technology has permeated nearly every waking moment of our lives in much of the Western world. We're constantly connected through our many devices, yet studies show that we're facing an epidemic of loneliness and depression. Whether we're aware of it or not, we've cultivated unbalanced relationships with the technology in our lives - allowing it to get in the way of living our best lives, rather than consciously using it to enable our best lives. The workshop is designed to create awareness about the types of influence technology has over us, the ways it accomplishes this influence without us even knowing it, and try out some tools and practices that can transform our relationship with it, and open us up to actively leading a life of meaningful connection and fulfillment. Come to listen and learn, or prepared to dive in and share your experiences. Either way, you'll walk away with a clear understanding of how to cultivate a more balanced relationship with the tech in your life. Agenda: 7-715 Meet & Greet[masked] Workshop, Q&A 830-9 Happy Hour (breakout discussions) Pre-Workshop Prep (OPTIONAL): You may find that you'll get the most out of the workshop by attempting one of the simple experiments listed below. It's not required for attendance, but it can make the workshop experience more immersive and personal. Experiment 1: Select and practice one or more of the following experiments: Completely disconnect from your phone, computer, TV, kindle for at least 30 minutes before bed, and after waking up in the morning. Leave your phone behind while you run an errand, take a walk, go to the gym, or etc. If you attend an event, take a trip, or have some kind of experience that you'd typically capture and share on social media, resist that urge. Leave the phone in your pocket. Experiment 2: For each of the above, ask yourself: When you feel the urge to reach for your phone, observe the feelings/emotions driving that urge. Ask yourself what you were really seeking in that moment. Connection to others? Distraction? Information? Why? About Giancarlo (the workshop facilitator): Throughout his career, Giancarlo has studied the influence of technology on how people think, feel, and act. He's on a mission to transform the way we use technology to be in service of human connection, growth, and creativity. He consults, lectures, hosts workshops that help people learn how to use technology in a way that promotes well-being. Learn more at Purposeful.tech

  • Defending Privacy: GDPR and Changing Notions of Data Ownership

    This month’s meetup focuses on data privacy & ownership, issues at the cornerstone of ethical (and humane) technology. Specifically, Eve Ahearn's will be speaking about privacy and personal data rights in an era of unrelenting surveillance and data collection. More below! Schedule: 7-730 Drinks & Chatting[masked]: Talk and Questions 815-9: Small group discussions / more chatting & drinking Talk Description: The specter of large fines from the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation has forced companies to spend heavily in their attempts to comply. For example, companies are now obligated to justify the data they collect and provide opportunities for customers to view or delete data about themselves (the “we might use that data some day” excuse doesn't cut it under GDPR.) As valuable as these investments and efforts are, however, the true impact and enforcement of GDPR is dependent on activists (conscious consumers) highlighting violations and advocating for privacy. This session will start with a brief introduction as to how GDPR differs from previous European data protection regulation, what it means for us based in the United States and end in a discussion on the possibilities of privacy-by-design technology. Eve's Bio: Eve Ahearn is a Product Manager at data company Enigma, working on the public data platform Enigma Public. Previously, she studied data privacy policy at the Oxford Internet Institute and is currently researching how the data infrastructure industry is responding to GDPR. LOGISTICS: - Money: Please bring $10! -Space: We have a new space! Betaworks has generously offered to let us use their gorgeous new space for our meetups, which will be held on the last Thursday of the month.Check them out :) https://betaworks.com/

  • Ethics and Machine Learning: Drinks, Talks, and Discussion

    Thanks to everyone who came to our first meetup! Details: The schedule is a work in progress, but the theme for this meetup is ethics in machine learning. I'm working on getting a few speakers lined up, but there will definitely be drinks and discussion. Save the date and look for more details, to come!

  • HumaneTech NYC: Inaugural Meetup

    Needs a location

    Event Details: 1. We're all in this meetup because we're (somewhat / intensely / singularly / neurotically?!) dissatisfied with the way technology is woven into our lives, society, the human condition. In advance of this first event, however, please take a moment to reflect on what you feel is going right with technology today and bring an example of it on Thursday. AKA: please bring an object / app / story / image which you find exemplifies aspirational, humane technology. 2. We'll start with drinks / casual chatting ("mingling,"), but then we will have a more formal discussion about out goals and intentions for the meetup! Come with ideas, requests... 3. ... and cash. Please bring $5/10 bucks or BYOB? If you can't manage don't fret, but if you can then do! It is very much appreciated. 4. Message me if you need the address, and I'll send it to you directly. Margot PS: Brace yourselves: you will likely be asked to put your phone aside / turn it off for the duration of the meetup. (I realize this may require emotional preparation! *winks*.)