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This is the second Humanian organization to come into existence.

Humanian organizations are ones designed to help those who are committed to Humanianity to work together to improve their lives and to advocate for the coming together of our species all over this planet in the development of a basic ethical philosophy that is consistent with the Rational-Ethical Ultimate Ethical Principle (REUEP).

The REUEP is: "We should do that which will promote not only the survival of our species but also as much joy, contentment, and appreciation as possible and as little pain, suffering, disability, and early death as possible, for everyone, now and in the future."

Humanianity is the personal religious commitment to this ultimate ethical principle, that any individual can have, no matter what specific religious tradition that person comes from, including none at all. There are no required beliefs in order to be Humanian. What is required to be Humanian is, by definition, only the commitment to attempting to live according to the REUEP. There may be many opinions as to how best to do this. All opinions are welcome, as is the questioning of those opinions. The goal is that of ever increasing agreement with regard to how best to live according to the REUEP, but always with the commitment to improve that understanding whenever possible.

For a clear summary of what Humanianity is, go to Humanianity's Home (http://humanianity.com).

To see the development of a basic ethical philosophy for our species, and to contribute to its development, go to Humanianity's Belief Manual (http://humanianity.com/humanianity/humbeliefs.php).

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