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HSGP is a warm and welcoming community of people with open minds and lots of questions. While we have a lot of diverse opinions and interests, we are accepting and tolerant of differing ideas and positions. While non-belief in the supernatural brought many of us together, our belief in the essential goodness of humanity and dedication to open discussion keeps us together and helps us grow. We have only one life and we strive to make it a good one for ourselves and for others. We are home to people with a wide range of beliefs and positions such as: humanists, atheists, agnostics, freethinkers, and nones. That covers a lot of ground!

In addition to our Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/HumanistSociety/), we offer a variety of activities to support our Humanist goals and we are always looking for more ways to socialize, learn, and help others. We have a community center near downtown Mesa! Be sure to check us out at our Game nights, Sunday Speaker meetings, or other events.

To learn more, go to our website at www.HSGP.org (http://www.hsgp.org/). There you will find more information about HSGP and our scheduled events. If you are not a member, please consider becoming a paid member (http://hsgp.org/Become-A-Member?frm=join). Your support keeps the building open and the activities running. If you’re not ready to commit to a membership, please join us at one of our free and open to the public events where we hope you will find like-minded individuals. Thank you and we look forward to meeting you!

About Humanism (from the American Humanist Association)
Humanism is a progressive philosophy of life that, without theism and other supernatural beliefs, affirms our ability and responsibility to lead ethical lives of personal fulfillment that aspire to the greater good of humanity.

Chris Wojno

President, HSGP

Visit our website at http://www.hsgp.org

Upcoming events (5+)

Let's Geography!

Humanist Community Center

Let's Geography! Topic: Honduras How many countries can you identify on a blank map? How many countries can you name even if you don't know right where they are? If you feel you need to brush up on some geography, come learn with us. If you already know everything, come show off. We promise to be impressed! One evening a month we will meet to discuss a country somewhere in the world, locate it on a map, and share everything we have been able to find out about it. There’s so much to learn: people, rivers, cities, language, mountains, food, customs, music, exports, politics, weather, philosophy. We’ll all teach and learn together, and then we’ll choose a country for next time. Wi-fi is available so bring your devices if you have them and look stuff up on the fly. Better yet, look stuff up before you come, anything at all about this month's country that interests you, so you can share what you have learned with the rest of us. Also bring any suggestions for restaurants for our Let's Eat Geography Meetup. Hosted by Teresa Cokl the third Thursday of each month. Please go to our website to learn all about HSGP: http://hsgp.org

Hike South Mountain Pima Canyon Trail Loop with Ahwatukee Social Group

Sharon Lee, a longtime HSGP member, hosts this weekly hike. Several other members already participate and you are invited as well. This is not an HSGP event, but a great chance to get out there and join in the exercise, fresh air, and lovely views! Meet at trailhead in front of the restrooms (directions below) Often I have folks with me from a non meetup group that join us also. From the Pima Canyon Trailhead we will follow the Pima Canyon Road to the National Trail for a short distance to the Mormon Loop Trail to Javelina Trail to Ridgeline trail to Beverly Canyon trail back to the parking lot. HIKE SUMMARY: Distance: 3.5 - 4 miles Time: 2.5 hours Difficulty: moderate Trail: packed dirt and rocky Trailhead Elevation: 1400 ft. Elevation gain: 950 ft. Parking: lot with facilities Entry fees: none Dogs: OK on leash (I do bring my 13# dog) REMINDERS: Always carry and drink plenty of water! Sunscreen and insect repellent is advised. Supportive footwear is also advisable. SAFETY FIRST… we have no medical provisions. Hike at your own risk. TO GET THERE: From I-10 take Elliot west turn Right ( north) on 48th street turn Left the next street after E.La Marinda Way, it says 48th street also. Go just a little way and see the entrance (a little guard type of building there) turn left on E Pima Canyon Rd then drive about a mile to the parking lot and Ramada the end of the street is the trailhead.

Weekly Friday Coffee Social at Kneaders in Phoenix

Kneaders Bakery & Cafe

Join us for fun, friends and food every Friday morning at Kneaders! This could be the most sensational part of your day! Menu BANANA CREAM PIE FRENCH TOAST This is an amazingly decadent offering that pairs our standard Chunky Cinnamon French Toast with our Banana Cream Pie filling. It's an amazing amount of flavor with shaved almonds and a hint of cinnamon added for good measure. $6.49 CHUNKY CINNAMON FRENCH TOAST - 2 pieces of our chunky cinnamon french toast served with strawberries, whip cream and homemade caramel syrup. $5.59 HOMEMADE SOURDOUGH PANCAKES - 3 fluffy pancakes served with strawberries, whip cream and homemade caramel syrup. $5.79 PECAN PANCAKES - 2 fluffy pancakes with chopped candied pecans. Served with homemade caramel syrup. $5.99 GREEK OMELET - 3 ounce scrambled omelet with spinach, feta and portabella mushrooms. Served with 100% wheat toast and fresh orange slices. $5.79 ITALIAN OMELET - 3 ounce scrambled omelet with sausage, mozzarella cheese, red bell peppers and fresh basil. Served with 100% wheat toast and fresh orange slices. $5.79 AMERICAN OMELET - 3 ounce scrambled omelet with ham, cheddar cheese and broccoli. Served with 100% wheat toast and fresh orange slices. $5.79 MEAT, EGG AND CHEESE BREAKFAST CROISSANT - Your choice of ham, sausage or bacon with cheddar cheese and two fresh cracke d eggs. Served on a European butter croissant. $4.59 MEAT AND CHEESE BREAKFAST CROISSANT - Your choice of ham, sausage or bacon with cheddar cheese. Served on a European butter croissant. $4.19 EGG AND CHEESE BREAKFAST CROISSANT - Cheddar cheese and two fresh cracked eggs. Served on a European butter croissant. $3.99 IRISH OATMEAL - Steel cut Irish oatmeal served with your choice of topping and brown sugar on the side. $3.99 Plus pastries like you wouldn't believe, and some awesome people to chat with! Look for the Meetup signs on the tables. Join us every Friday. Please observe cell phone etiquette by leaving the table for your call, thx. Please note: We will be with the Humanist group & other groups that aren't Humanist. Your Host, Sherry (Image Creative Commons)

3rd Friday Happy Hour @ The Duck

Duck and Decanter

Let's join Phoenix Atheist Meetup Group every 3rd Friday for fun, food & friends! Dine and/or drink, socialize, and mingle. Serving deli-style foods (sandwiches, soups, salads, etc.) "fast-casual" style (order at counter, wait for order to be ready), they also offer wines and beers. Just head through the patio to the inside, order at the counter (or visit the wine-bar area adjacent), and then meet the rest of the group upstairs! Note: Duck and Decanter is a little tricky to find and not readily visible from the road. It is in the shopping center on the southeast corner of 16th Street and Camelback, on the far east side of the lot, adjacent to and south of Copenhagen Furniture store. Plenty of parking is available. Sherry will be your new host, with Kenna co-hosting. Chris will be a tough act to follow, but we will try! Look for the Meetup signs.

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