Let's Eat Geography!


Everyone loves to eat, yes? Of course we do! Since we can't visit every country we study in our Let's Geography Meetups, we are doing the next best thing and sampling the local cuisine, when possible.

In December we discussed Poland and even though we already had a lovely Polish meal at All Pierogi we are going to have some more, because we liked it and because I said so. However, there are changes afoot so please read carefully!

This time we are going to try DINNER instead of lunch, and also the day is changing from Wednesday to THURSDAY.

We are going to Beaver Choice to enjoy Scandinavian, Polish, and Canadian food. There doesn't seem to be any beaver on the menu other than a dessert selection, the Beaver Supreme, and now I feel that perhaps I should delete this sentence. Oh well.

Every Thursday is All You Can Eat Pierogi Day! Here's a link to the website: https://www.beaverchoice.com

Please RSVP via Meetup and keep your RSVP updated if you have a change of plans so we can have a more or less accurate headcount. This time I'm closing RSVPs the day before. I'll be calling the restaurant to let them know how many to expect.