Let's Eat Geography!

Every 1st Thursday of the month

Location image of event venue


Everyone loves to eat, yes? Of course we do! Since we can't visit every country we study in our Let's Geography Meetups, we are doing the next best thing and sampling the local cuisine, when possible.

Our last discussion group was all about Brazil so now it's time to eat like Brazilians. We are going to up our game a bit this time and go to Fogo de Chao. Here's a link to the menu: https://fogodechao.com/location/scottsdale/#menus

This place has three (!) dollar signs $$$ and four stars on yelp. That's a little more hifalutin' than our usual destinations, but one of the lunch options is only $15 so I hope that's doable for everyone. YOLO.

Please RSVP via Meetup and keep your RSVP updated if you have a change of plans. I have to make a real reservation this time so don't count on being able to just pull up a chair. This is Scottsdale. I'm told they have standards.

NOTE: The restaurant just informed me that I need to make the reservation by Monday, 11/4/19, so RSVPs are closing at noon on that day.