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"A Continuum of Consciousness" The HAT Forum - Humanist Association of Toronto
Every Saturday we meet to discuss a topic decided upon the previous week. These are topics of Humanist interest, from a Humanist perspective. The topic of the discussion will be: "A Continuum of Consciousness: Humans and Animals". Meet our diverse group, trade perspectives in a free and open forum and learn from others as they learn from you! BTW: don't be concerned if you are the only RSVP. We have a group of 8-12 regulars who will be there to join you. NOTE: The HAT Forum adheres strictly to the City of Toronto Policy on Non-Discrimination ( Our Website ( N.B. Members of the group often continue in a more social vein at a local lunch place until 2:30 or so. Feel free to join the discussion late and come to lunch if that suits your availability better

The 519 Church Street Community Center

519 Church Street · Toronto, ON

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Welcome to Humanist Canada's Official Meetup Page! Let's get together and support the advancement of scientific, academic, medical and human rights efforts! Humanism is a world view which says that reason and science are the best ways to understand the world around us, and that dignity and compassion should be the basis for our actions. Founded in 1968, Humanist Canada has its roots in the former Humanist Fellowship of Montreal. This fellowship was an organization of humanists that was founded in 1954 by Drs. R. K. Mishra, Ernest Poser, and Maria Jutta Cahn. Lord Bertrand Russell and Dr. Brock Chisholm were its first patrons. Humanist Canada's first president in 1968 was Dr. Henry Morgentaler, an active crusader for women's right to reproductive choice. Humanist Canada continues to be involved in social justice issues including reproductive choice, the right to die with dignity, and the preservation of human rights. Humanist Canada has grown over the past four decades to become Canada’s national voice of Humanism. We are also an associate member organization of the International Humanist and Ethical Union. Find out more information about our organization, sign up and become a member! Visit our website:

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