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Last highway clean up of the year!
Last chance to clean up Cranston! (this year) A few years ago, a Cranston high school student named Jessica Ahlquist challenged a “prayer banner” in Cranston West high school as a violation of church-state separation. Ever since she won that case, the Humanists of Rhode Island have been trying to clean up Cranston, and show the citizenry that non-believers do good in our communities, by adopting Park Street for a highway clean-up. To keep the name “Humanists of Rhode Island” posted on RIDOT’s “Adopt-a-Highway” sign, we do four cleanups a year. Join us for the last highway cleanup of the 2018 season on Saturday, Nov 3, 9:30 am to noon. We usually go out for lunch together afterwards. Wear comfortable shoes and clothing you don’t mind getting a little dirty. Bring a pair of gloves. We provide safety vests, trash bags, and “grabbers” for picking up the trash. Help send a message to Cranston about doing good without a god. We need at least 6 volunteers for an effective cleanup, so join us! Find us in the parking lot behind Cranston City Hall, in the corner nearest the high school.

Cranston City Hall Parking Lot (behind building)

869 Park Ave · Cranston, RI

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The Humanists of Rhode Island (HRI) is committed to volunteer service and political activism for social justice. Our values are rooted in reason, compassion, optimism and action.

We are an active group always looking for new ideas and new members.

HRI is a member of the Rhode Island Reproductive Justice Coalition and an award winning member of Volunteers Beyond Belief. We are a charter member of the American Humanist Association and have worked with many other national, secular organizations, including the American Civil Liberties Union, Americans United for the Separation of Church and State and the Freedom from Religion Foundation.

HRI is proud of our longstanding monthly commitment to Habitat for Humanity, and our four times a year commitment to our Highway Cleanup. In addition, we participate annually in a walk for a cure for leukemia, raise money for victims of domestic violence and most recently, Syrian refugee relief. We are beginning a relationship with Amnesty International.

Our commitment to secular government and the separation of church and state has made headlines. We successfully petitioned the City of Providence to remove a cross from a public median strip and have placed a seasonal banner celebrating the birth of our state's founder, Roger Williams, in the RI State House during the holiday season. We make frequent trips to the State House to testify on bills important to the progressive, secular community.

Help us change the the world and summon a better future for everyone.

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