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Hello Los Angeles!
I've been teaching in NYC for five years now and I have built a wonderful studio there. Now I'm out here working and I'm starting a NEW SCENE STUDY CLASS with a focus on character development, which I think is essential in the current media trend.

The new series and films are heavily leaning toward fantasy and mythological grand storytelling. "Westworld," "Game of Thrones," "The Ballad Of Buster Scruggs," "Sorry to Bother You," "Aquaman," and on and on, all have very theatrical characters, especially in the supporting roles, and the old "just be you" style isn't going to work for these broad pieces.

I believe you can set yourself up nicely by becoming adept at finding the archetypes of your characters and leaning into them. This helps you understand their motives and the idiosyncrasies which make them more powerful vehicles for telling the story. Then you apply physical, animal, and, what I've termed character-within-character, work which frees you to explore the extremities of the behaviors which best illustrate your drives and instincts. It's great fun and the results are powerful!

I have been a successful professional actor and director for 25 years, most recently in "Can You Ever Forgive Me?," "Boardwalk Empire," "Orange is the New Black," and most known for my role on "Dharma and Greg," and continually utilize my love of developing characters in my own work.

The first four-week workshop session begins Thursday, February 7, from 7-10:30 pm, $240 for the four weeks. You may register for the class here:
Class limited to twelve students. You are not registered until you have paid for the month.

You can email me from the website, or PM me here, with any questions. Come play and get those jobs!

Lauren Mueller
“I've been studying under Shae for about two years now and the amount of knowledge I've gained not only as an actor but about myself is completely invaluable. Shae is nurturing, a super cool plethora of experience and knowledge and most importantly, Honest. Because of Shae, I have realized the tools within me that have allowed me to approach any scene with an innate sense of confidence and security within my craft. I regularly book work and I really do owe it to Shae.”

Kelvin Grullon
"Working with Shae has been an absolute gift from the Thespian Gods. She's been clear and gentle in her guidance, and has always worked to help me figure out what I wanted (or unknowingly needed) in my acting arsenal. She helped me develop a precise, effective, and powerful approach to the craft by using my imagination and finding strong intentions; a process of work that I can rely on for anything, from auditioning work to actual work on set. She encouraged me to develop myself as a chameleon, able to do certain dialects and transform physically, mentally, and emotionally to fulfill diverse roles. She's just: Wondrous."

Scott Shirk
"Shae possesses that trifecta of being intellectually insightful, funny, and kind. You may find a teacher with two, but all three? Well now you're breathing rarefied air.
The most glowing accolade I can give any teacher is that they have a plan for how they're going to help their students become better actors.
Shae has a plan."

Hannah Talbot
“Shae is the most inspirational, kind and incredible teacher you could find. Not only that, she is an amazing person and mentor. I have come so far in my acting because of her. She will never put you in a box as an actor. She allows you to be free and explorative in every class. I can’t recommend her class enough.”

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On-Camera BELIEVE Audition Workshop

415 Molino St

On-Camera BELIEVE Audition Workshop

415 Molino St

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