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Ever wonder what happens when you throw something away? How does the flow look from manufacturing to production to sales, consumption and finally disposal and ultimately waste? What are the touch-points physical, digital, human and robotic that handle both our garbage and/or also our creations? This group will provide a collaborative exchange to explore and discover service design as a practice for creating engaging experiences in complex systems. People with a background in strategy, user experience, user research, business analysis, project management, product development, creative direction, interaction design, visual design, information architecture, digital marketing and any combination or none of the above are welcome to join.

Meet the Humans: Design Thinking Applied for Efficiency & Effectiveness in Business Operations (https://www.humansinservicedesign.com/)Design Thinking, Service Design and the Customer Experience are in the front minds for people who run companies. Most efforts concentrate in improving services for end users or customers, but not much is being done to improve the internal processes of organizations and their systems operations. This is often overlooked as a means of cutting costs.

These new and innovative methodologies are valuable tools. Our team focuses on human factors to solve operational problems that ultimately help organizations tap into the underutilized experience of their workers knowledge and skills.

Applied, it will impact the bottom line, for excellent customer care and support service that reflects an intelligently run, smooth operation. Learn more at: https://www.humansinservicedesign.com/

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