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We will study and practice Nonviolent Communication (NVC) which offers techniques of empathy for one another and was created by Marshall B. Rosenberg, PhD. His book "Nonviolent Communication, A Language of Life" will give us the foundation on the principles of NVC. For more information about NVC visit their website https://www.cnvc.org/ From the website is written - "NVC is a “language of life” that helps us to transform old patterns of defensiveness and aggressiveness into compassion and empathy and to improve the quality of all of our relationships. Studying and practicing NVC creates a foundation for learning about ourselves and our relationships in every moment, and helps us to remain focused on what is happening right here, right now. Although it is a model for communication, NVC helps us to realize just how important connection is in our lives. In fact, having the intention to connect with ourselves and others is one of the most important goals of practicing and living NVC. We live our lives from moment to moment, yet most of the time we are on autopilot, reacting out of habit rather than out of awareness and presence of mind. By creating a space for attention and respect in every moment, NVC helps create a pathway and a practice that is accessible and approachable."

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