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What we're about

What it is:
An monlthy opportunity to write some silly things and connect with other people who are into this stuff. Participants should bring something to write with (laptop, notebook, old time-y scroll), and probably an ironically bad shirt (we are in Brooklyn, after all).

What we’ll do:
Review types of satire writing, share examples of things we find funny and why, then use prompts to kick off free writing followed by constructive sharing and feedback of each other’s work. Participants will leave with the first draft of a satire piece.

Where we’ll do:
Shaktibarre, 449 Keap Street, Brooklyn, NY, 11211 (off the Lorimer L)

When we’ll do:
Sunday, February 3rd, from 2:30-4PM

How we do:
Book through MindBody or Facebookk.com/TheBaconBeacon.

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