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Real Estate Agents wanted - either completely brand new or seasoned professionals looking to build a kick ass team from scratch. The idea is to attract highly motivated agents who desire to build an elite team of highly qualified agents. To be technology proficient, extremely capable and hungry, not afraid to put in the time to become exceptional. Who understands what it takes to build a brand, a team, a business.

I have 25 years experience in business and have applied that to my real estate practice with great results and encouragement.

Whether you’re experienced or an agent who knows nothing about the business, looking for an opportunity to learn tricks, tools and understand the process from lead generation to settlement day and beyond. I’m looking to assemble a group of agents to groom, teach, train and build a team together. I’m looking to empower wannabe agents, by creating a nurturing and dynamic environment, build and grow a team. At RE/MAX in Bryn Mawr we undergoing major changes in our physical office design as well as embracing advanced technology. Did you know RE/MAX sells more real estate than any other agency in the world, it’s designed for entrepreneurs, self starters and people who want to run their own business. All agencies have a certain culture that best suits certain personality types, but the RE/MAX culture is for all agents who want more, more control, more money and more freedom. Most agents are taught they can’t function without support. This opportunity is for agents who want to become self sufficient and become a part of a growing team of entrepreneurs. Whether you are brand new or experienced, come join this conversation if you want to be a part of a team who's embracing the latest in technology, strong work ethic and a fierce determination to succeed. This will not be a perfect fit for everyone, so join in and see if this is where you belong. I am open to any and all dynamic conversations about real estate and business, call, text or email me and lets tear down these walls! Who’s with me?

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