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This is group for anyone interested in art and technology. Whether you are an artist curious about working with technology or a technologist curious about working with artists or you might just be interested in arts and technology! As part of our in_collusion programme we’ll be working with artists and technologists in Huntingdon to deliver ambitious, experimental projects. Come and find out more in a relaxed, sociable environment.

Collusion aims to bring together Huntingdon artists and creative technologists (at whatever stage you are) to share ideas and information, explore new ways of working and to encourage great outcomes through new collaborations. Just so you know ... Collusion is an experimental, not for profit agency based in Cambridge working at the intersection of arts technology and human interaction. We collaborate with artists, technologists and academics to create ambitious, disruptive, immersive works that consider the impact of emerging technology on society, inviting public engagement and interaction.

http://www.collusion.org.uk | @in_collusion | FB/InCollusion | Insta incollusion

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Future Takeover St Neots - 24 - 26 January 2019

Art & Soul | Cafe | Gallery | Creative Hub

Collusion Workshop: Immersive Sound

The Club

Maker Takeover

Club Building

Collusion Workshop: 360 Video and Stills

The Incubator

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