What we're about

PKC is hosting a monthly hackathon in Huntington Beach, focused on building a myriad of things in Clojure!

It'll be on Friday, and it's an all-day event, with this rough schedule:
9-9:30am - breakfast snacks / coffee, throw out Hackathon ideas
10am - START
1pm - Lunch
6:15pm - STOP
6:15-6:45pm - Demo
6:45pm - Award ceremony ("Best Hack", "Most Epic Fail"). Prizes are pretty dorky for now, so don't expect much :)

Feel free to just stop by and say hello, just hack in the afternoon, or even just come at 6:30pm to check out the demos!

We'll have the usual hackathon fare: free red-bull, coffee, and snacks.

Get ready to pull your sleeves up, install leiningen, and get hacking!!!

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