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I am a passionate fine art and commercial photographer and really enjoy the energy of being around other passionate artists.

The purpose of this group is to get together and share the excitement of photography while learning and improving your photography skills. We will have frequent meetups as well as fee based workshops and seminars with an occasional weekend workshop trip for those, like myself, who love the landscape.

This is not your typical photography Meetup group. I really try to go beyond their group "blind leading the blind" shoots and casual get togethers. With over forty years of photography experience AND a similar amount of time teaching photography I want to help you "fast track" your way to improving your photography. I have taught at a number of very prestigious photography programs (Art Center, Otis are two examples) as well as The Ansel Adams Workshops, The Friends of Photography, The Victor School and others. I lectured nationally on lighting techniques for Broncolor and large format techniques for Sinar.

While most of my professional work is digital I still love black and white film and maintain my own darkroom. Most of my personal work originates as black and white negatives shot on 4x5 or 8x10 film.

Everyone who is excited about photography and wants to improve their skills is welcome!

Our activities will include evening Meetup get-togethers, day long photo shoots and weekend workshops. I have over forty years of experience photographing both personally and professionally so I feel that I have a lot of very solid experience to share. While the weekend workshops will usually have a tuition fee attached I really try to keep my fees reasonanble. Typically my 2-3 day workshops are about 1/2 to 2/3 the tuition of similar programs from others as well as my programs sponsored by an outside source.

What is YOUR responsibility? The Meetup is open to photographers at every level of experience. I really love to help you expand your skills. What I ask of you in return is that if you do RSVP with a "yes" that you commit to attending and paying the fee if there is one. If you RSVP "maybe" I ask that you remember to update your RSVP to "yes" ( and pay) or to "no" if you cannot attend. Since many of the landscape activities involve some travel I do need to prepare by making the necessary reservations and carpooling arrangements. I also limit the trips to 8-12 attendees so if you RSVP with either a "yes" or "maybe" you are taking up a spot that will not be available to someone else. PLEASE be considerate to your organizer (that's me) and your fellow photographers by monitoring your RSVP to be accurate.

As an example, I organized a day trip (free) to Joshua Tree NP last April to photograph wild flowers. I had 10-12 who responded with a "yes." I organized carpooling for all of those photographers that requested it. Then only 1 person showed up.

So, again please be considerate to your organizer and fellow photographers! If you are a no-show for three events I will be removing you from our group.

Hope to see you soon!

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My work featured
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Pardon me while I brag a bit but my fork is featured in this month's issue of View Camera magazine. It outlines my evolution as a photographer and the influences I experienced. A number of my large format images are also featured.

If you would like to read the article and view the images you can do so at the link below:


The Evolution of an Image
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Creating a Photograph

If you have ever attended one of my lectures you know how "pre-visualization" plays a significant role in creating (rather than just taking) a photograph. Ansel Adams always stressed this concept.

We can all pre-visualize the picture we want to take but often fail in it's execution due to our lack of mastering the craft of photography. Pre-visualization is easy, mastering your craft takes time, knowledge and practice!

In this video tutorial I will take you from my concept for the final image (pre-visualization) through the various steps to create that image. We will start with image capture in the camera and end with optimizing the image file in Photoshop.

While I have extensive studio equipment I purposely used the bare minimum of equipment and shot on my kitchen table. I wanted to show you that creativity does not require elaborate equipment. It only requires equipment that you already have (mainly your camera's flash and some mat boards) and the basic knowledge on how to use them.

I hope that you enjoy this tutorial and find it valuable in your evolution as a creative photographer. Also, don't forget to checkout my workshop activities to help you advance your craft.

The video is free, just go download it:


Or watch it on Vimeo:


Or you can watch it on my site at:


It's a large file so be patient!


To your success,


Recommended products
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I receive frequent requests for recommendations on photographic accessories for lighting, speedlights, macro, etc.

So, I have put together an Amazon store listing my recommended products. These are products that I own and use.

Hope this helps.


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