What we're about

Our Objective
- innovative professional engagement
- local Industry development
- continuous learning/continuous improvement

Who Should Come
- computer programmers
- career technologists
-web developers
-systems engineers
-small business owners
- entrepreneurs
- investors
- industry consumers
- broader innovation community
- students (all ages)
- instructors
- professionals (all stages)
- digital nomads
- folks who want to see our local economy THRIVE in the tech spector

Who Shouldn't Come
- sales reps
- hiring managers
- complainers

What we do
- tech talks
- panel discussions
- lightening talks
- live instruction
- live demonstrations
- hackathons
- Q&A
- debug each other's code
- drink beer
- try to suck less at life in general

How We Do It
- integrate with students, professionals, and enthusiasts at all ages & stages of their journey in technology career fields
- leverage local subject matter experts & industry leaders
- practice knowledge sharing
- collaboratively problem solve: full spectrum - technologies, languages, & infrastructure
- promote lean, scalable solutions to our community's big rocks

Upcoming events

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