International Psychic LaMont Hamilton: “World Prophecies & Predictions for 2015"


The Paranormal Study Center: Welcomes: LaMont Hamilton

“World Prophecies & Predictions for 2015”


LaMont (aka Monte) Hamilton has been involved in the paranormal field for over nearly 40 years. His Ministry aims to bring guidance, healing, understanding and blessings to those that seek his help through the aid of the Angels and Guides.

He is sought out by numerous newspapers, International websites, and radio shows yearly for his unique perspective on future events and has clients in over 40 different countries.

Since it’s inception in 2008, LaMont’s Internet prediction blogs have been read by millions of readers all over the world and he is considered one of the world’s leading Clairvoyants such as by Paranormal.Com, five years in a row.

His contributions to international websites have been translated into multiple languages over the past few years from France to Malaysia and he has been interviewed/invited by major television studios such as the Bravo Channel's hit reality show; "Millionaire Matchmaker", the SyFy Channel's "Mary Knows Best", and the Ukraine's top show; "The International Psychic Challenge".

LaMont will be revealing his world predictions for 2015 and his intention for these predictions is to bring greater understanding of our future and dispel the news and negative media surrounding the challenges seen around the world in a more realistic and Spiritual way.

The lecture will provide the audience with an opportunity to interact and ask personal questions to address any concerns that you have pertaining to this fascinating year and he will invite participants to make their own predictions so that he can help you understand if you have the gift of Clairvoyance, Clair-sentience, Clair-audience, or if you're an Empath?.

Please arrive early to secure your seating since the room was filled over capacity at last years presentation.


You can contact LaMont from his website for information or consultations by visiting below, He will be available for Private Readings during this weekend or earlier during the week.

LaMont Hamilton

Consultant, Proprietor


Admission will be $10 for this special event