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SAVE TREES NOW AND THEY WILL SAVE YOU IN FUTURE VISION; Our vision is to benefit the people with good health at present as well as the future generations.The primary goal of our organization is to plant trees which thus leads to ecological diversity.Through Save Tree Organization,we conduct educational programs in different areas to bring the awareness in people abou the benefits of trees MISSION:The mission of Save Tree Organization is to promote and support the tree plantation along with the maintenance through events in different regions.Our project involves planting trees which offer food,oxygen and qualitative water etc to the people. WHY WE DO:As the trees play an important role of our planet’s ecosystem we all depend on trees as they provide oxygen,food,wood,medicines etc to us and also there are many benefits of trees like Trees reduce the greenhouse effect. They conserve energy Fruit trees provide nutritious fruits to eat. Trees increases biodiversity Helps in reducing the violence Provides habitat for wild life etc.

♦ Adopt tress Create the awareness in public and students.
♦ Create the volunteers for treevolution.
♦ Support the government for tree revolution.
• 24*7 transport facilities are available.
• Abundant water supply is provided with drip irrigation system.
• High security is provided to the land.
• Land is also suitable for farm house construction.
• If anyone of you are interested in planting herbal plants we will help you in bringing then but you have to pay the plant cust.

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