• JetBrains Day in Hyderabad

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    Dear Members, This June, JetBrains team will come to Delhi, Hyderabad, and Bengaluru, to share tips and tricks for getting the most out of IntelliJ IDEA and about Kotlin development in Android, Google Cloud Platform, and multi-platform development. We believe your developers would love to be part of it, please send this to your team/developers. REGISTER (limited seats) / more Information here: • JetBrains Day in Hyderabad on Sunday, June 23, 2019, at HICC (Novotel Accor Hotels) - https://info.jetbrains.com/jetbrains-day-hyderabad-2019.html All talks will be presented in English and lunch will be served. Please register here to reserve your spot today! As a meetup member, we have a special offer for you, use the coupon code "CODEOPS" to avail 20% off on your ticket bookings for the event. See you soon!

  • Link Prediction on Hike’s Social Network

    Adp pvt. Ltd.

    Raj Anand Thakur and Sourabh Jha would present Hike Hackathon solution in which they came 3rd. Abstract: Coming soon Bio of speakers: Thakur Raj Anand is a Lead Data Scientist and is currently leading DataRobot India team in Hyderabad. He has a Masters in Quantitative Finance. He actively participates in data science competitions on Kaggle (highest global rank 38) and AnalyticsVidhya (highest global rank 10). LinkedIn - https://www.kaggle.com/thakurrajanand Kaggle - https://www.linkedin.com/in/thakur-raj-anand-a588b922/ AnalyticsVidhya - https://datahack.analyticsvidhya.com/user/profile/DataGeek Sourabh Jha is an Associate at JP Morgan Chase and Co. He has Masters and Bachelors of Technology in Metallurgical Engineering and Material Sciences from IIT Bombay. He actively participates in data science competitions on Kaggle (highest global rank 252) and AnalyticsVidhya (highest global rank 273) Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sourabh-jha-97a74a56/ Kaggle: https://www.kaggle.com/sourabhjha AnalyticsVidhya: https://datahack.analyticsvidhya.com/user/profile/sourabhjha

  • MLflow, an open source platform for managing the end-to-end ML lifecycle.

    Topic Name : MLflow, an open source platform for managing the end-to-end machine learning lifecycle. Abstract : Concerned about managing, tracking , packaging, and deploying machine learning models in the production ? Here is the end to it. MLflow MLflow is an open source platform for managing the end-to-end machine learning lifecycle which has three primary components: 1) Tracking 2) Models 3) Projects. Best Features: ☆Works with any ML Library, Language and Existing code. ☆It supports Java, Python, R and REST APIs. ☆Runs the same way in any cloud ☆Designed to scale for any number of users. Want to know more about it? Join my next presentation on it. You would be learning about: ●How to get started with MLflow. ●MLflow concepts and abstractions for models, experiments and projects. ●Understanding aspects of MLflow APIs. ●Using MLflow UI to visually compare and contrast experimental runs with different tuning parameters and evaluate metrics. ●Package,Save and Deploy an MLflow model; serving it using MLflow REST API. Prerequisites : Basics of Machine learning About Speaker: Ladle Patel is a Data Scientist at Genpact, where he works on Scalable Machine Learning and Deep Learning Models. Prior to joining Genpact in July 2016, he worked at TCS labs and Thomson Reuters, where he worked on Python, Machine Learning, Hadoop, Spark & Java/J2EE. Ladle has over 7 years of IT experience with the last 4 years focused on large-scale data science & engineering. In his free time, Ladle contributes to local data science meetup groups and the Python community.

  • HackTriX - Hackathlon by DBS


    DEADLINE: 25TH MARCH 2019, 11:59PM (GMT +5:30) to take online assessment. We invite you to explore HackTriX - upcoming hackathon in India parterning with HydPy. If you have a startup mindset and want to experiment with your innovative ideas, this is an excellent opportunity. Our teams in Hyderabad are building bots, automating loans and making payments intelligent. They are looking out for innovators like you. Showcase your analytical and programming capabilities by taking up the online test. If you clear the same, we shall invite you to come and share your ideas with us. Grab this chance of winning some awesome prizes, spending a day at our cool workplace and taking home a job offer! Here you go - https://go.dbs.com/2TAFIAV

  • Deep Recommendation System using Big Data

    ADP Private Limited, Laxmi Cybercity

  • IOT programming with python and serverless computing

    ABSTRACT: The Internet of Things is making life easier for a wild diversity of businesses and people. In this session, we will be discussing the various components for configuring IOT hardware and applications, using python and cloud technologies. I mostly work on the Raspberry Pi Model 3 hardware which is an extremely capable Single Board Computer, with a lot of peripherals to play around with. We will also be discussing how to start building applications for digital assistants using python and serverless computing. Broadly, we will touching upon the following areas: • Brief introduction to IOT programming and automation. • Overview of serverless computing, and integration with python. • Viability of serverless compute infrastructure for IOT applications. • Use of mraa, mqtt, opencv and micropython libraries • Integration with AWS Lambda functions and building digital assistant skills. • Testing applications with ngrok and handling IOT Security. • Exploring IOT targeted serverless frameworks like IFTTT. PREREQUISITES: The session will be structured for an audience with basic to moderate experience with Python. No systems or IOT experience is required. SPEAKER BIO: Sonal has been an open source evangelist for 10 years and have been working as an integral part of the financial technology industry for the past 5 years. He is currently a Senior Engineer at D. E. Shaw. He was a research fellow at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and holds a masters in IT. His domains of work include python, distributed systems and graph databases, and he loves to explore new gadgets and develop new technology. He is the author of the book 'Neo4j High Performance' and the upcoming ‘Interview Essentials’ series. He is also the author of the ‘neopy’ python library. You are likely to run into him at FOSS events.

  • Machine Learning in the age of increasing Data Privacy Consciousness

    Description: In the age of GDPR and its related lawsuits, the prevailing strategy of being indiscriminately “data greedy” to power opaque machine learning (ML) based products is not viable. In this talk, I’ll examine how ML and Data Science practitioners can balance principles of “data minimization & transparency” with delivering personalized and insightful products to their privacy conscious users. Abstract: Legislation such as GDPR and proposals like California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) of 2018 are strong judicial signals regarding the growing consciousness around collection and use of personal data. In this environment the need to practice principles of “data minimization”, where only what is needed is collected through legal means, as well as “transparency” around how and for what purpose the collected data is being used, both become the de facto modus operandi of any practitioner of DS and ML. In this talk, I begin by describing the principles embodied by laws such as GDPR and CCPA and the compliance burdens they introduce. Later, borrowing from my experience at Shopify using Python in a distributed setting, I will discuss what practical changes to pipelines and algorithm choices Data Science and ML practitioners should think about. These lessons will be tied back to the privacy by design paradigm which enables the development of products that value trust and transparency. By the end of this talk, you should have a clear idea of how laws such as GDPR and CCPA affect your workflows and what principles to consider while designing ML products with privacy in mind. Speaker Bio: Sam Talasila is a Data Science Lead at Shopify, who uses data to democratize the commerce landscape for the 600,000+ entrepreneurs at Shopify. Sam is an active member in Toronto’s Data meetup community, having co-organized the Toronto Apache Spark Meetup and is seen speaking at various other meetups around the city. A computational neuroscientist by training, Sam is also a serial entrepreneur having started commerce enterprises with his wife and family. https://twitter.com/samnsci/ Please RSVP before Friday 1 pm to get entry.

  • Apache Spark For Machine Learning & Data Science

    Apache Spark For Machine Learning & Data Science : One day Instructor Led Free workshop This hands-on, One day Instructor Led Free training targets freshers, experienced Data Scientists & Developers willing to perform data analysis at scale using Apache Spark. In this workshop, I will covers an overview of Big data, Apache Hadoop , Apache Spark, hands-on projects utilizing extract- transform-load operations (ETL), employing exploratory data analysis (EDA), building machine learning models, evaluating models, and performing cross validation. All hands-on labs are run on Databricks Community Edition, a free cloud based Spark environment. This allows the participants to maximize their time using open source Apache Spark to solve real problems, rather than dealing with the complex issues of setting up Spark cluster installations. Intended Audience : Freshers, Developers & Data scientists with experience in machine learning and Scala or Python programming, who want to adapt traditional machine learning tasks to run at scale using Apache Spark. Requirements : All ​participants ​need ​a ​laptop ​with ​updated ​versions ​of ​Chrome ​or ​Firefox About Trainer : Ladle Patel is a Data Scientist at Genpact, where he works on Scalable Machine Learning and Deep Learning Models. Prior to joining Genpact in July 2016, he worked at TCS labs and Thomson Reuters, where he worked on Python, Machine Learning, Hadoop, Spark & Java/J2EE. Ladle has over 7 years of IT experience with the last 4 years focused on large scale data science & engineering.In his free time, Ladle contributes to local data science meetup groups and Python community. https://www.linkedin.com/in/ladlepatel/ https://github.com/lp-dataninja

  • Hacktoberfest Hyderabad 2018

    IIIT Hyderabad

    Hello everyone, Hyderabad Python Users Group joins Hacktoberfest Hyderabad by Mozilla Telangana as community partners. We invite you to join us Hyderabad's annual open source contribution day at International Institute of Information Technology. Perks of attending Hacktoberfet Hyderabad: * Swag for all participants * Win t-shirts for who makes atleast 5 Pull Requests, our mentors will help you achieve it. * Win t-shirst and swag from our partner communities * Explore opportunities of internships and jobs in our networking slots. * Get connected with mentors to contribute to FOSS projects. * Find collaborators/contributors for your projects. For Students: * Know about how to apply to GSoC/Outreachy and other available FOSS Internships. * Contribute to open source projects which will help you acquire strong skills in technology. * Grow your visibility in job market. For Developers/CXOs: * Do good by contributing back to open source projects. * Meet geeks and community managers working for growth of various FOSS projects. * Know CFP opportunities of tech conferences in near future. * Strengthen your profile by contributing to FOSS projects. * Find potential talent to recruit to your company/project/find potential recruits to hire you. Agenda: 09:00 - 10:00: Registrations and Networking 10:00 - 10:30: Introduction to Free & Open Source Software, various forms of contribution 10:30 - 11:00: Introduction to Git, Github and making your first PR 11: 00 - 12:00: Panel Discussion with Professors, Industry leads and community managers. 12:00 - 13:00: Lightening talks, project walks, selecting projects to contribute, talking to your mentor 13:00 - 14:00 - Lunch Break and Networking 14:00 - 17:00 - Dev Sprint - Hacktoberfest Challenge. 17:00 - 17:30 - Opportunities and careers(jobs/internships etc) in FOSS 17:30 - 18:00 - Group photo and announcement of future events. ===== Come For Code, Stay For Community ===== Important Links: https://hacktoberfest.digitalocean.com/ https://codetribute.mozilla.org/

  • PyBITS 2018

    BITS, Pilani - Hyderabad Campus

    PyBITS is back for the third time with an attractive lineup of talks and workshops. The conference takes place on Saturday, October 27. There are 5 talks scheduled, please head over to the website for details. There are two workshops being offered on October 28 at PyBITS 2018: Blockchain and Smart Contracts from First Principle Using Python: Blockchain is one of the most revolutionary technologies of our times, which is still maturing and with immense potentials yet to be realised. While the internet is abuzz with blockchain, the concept is difficult to comprehend in its entirety. The workshop will help you build a comprehensive understanding of the subject, with Python being the programming language. Basic Python Workshop: This is for those of you who have never tried their hands at programming or Python. We will be covering Python from the very basics. This workshop will be FREE for SCHOOL STUDENTS. For registration and more information, visit https://pybits.bits-hyd.org/ Note: this is a paid event, RSVP to the meetup doesn't entitle you entry, please get the ticket from https://pybits.bits-hyd.org/