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Its a group for all animal / bird enthusiasts, no discrimination based on size/colour/species/breed guaranteed. A few things that may help you decide if this is the right place for you. 1. Are you dog/cat breed blind? i.e you find an Indian stray pup as cute as a Pekingese. 2. Does a dog/cat lick a day keeps the blues away? 3. Are you a staunch Indian and love all things Desi 4. You would like to do something for the strays or animals but don't know where/how to start. 5. You love a few remixes more than the originals 6. You would like to beautify your city in Humane way 7. You think piglets are adorable 8. Your feelings for puppy mill breeders and poachers are same and the feelings are strong. Lastly if you have the time & are passionate about animal welfare (everyone has money and that is not as important) & feel you can do something about a stray may be just by feeding it or reporting it to GHMC for ABC or help an animal to find a good home other than the roads and garbage dumps, then lets meet up and discuss it over some Woof Woofs!

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