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A warm invite to all the Tableau enthusiasts/fans out there in Hyderabad. This is a platform where you can Indulge, Talk and Showcase all the passion that you have got for mining visual information from the data. Let it be facts, ideas, advanced analytics or anything, you are welcome to join HYDTUG.

What We Are Aiming

Connect ~ Inspire ~ Educate ~ Collaborate

Tableau being a next generation BI through fast, fluid data analytics. We connect to all the users/aspirants of Tableau with each other, Discuss on New ideas, educate by curating and sharing collective wisdom of the community and broaden community by synergyzing with other communities in the city who share same platform and are data driven.

We are aiming for a productive and fun filled collaborative environment. If any of you are willing to share experience, thoughts

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HYDTUG -Tableau Meetup | May'2020 Edition

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HYDTUG -Tableau Meetup | Feb'2020 Edition

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HYDTUG -Tableau Meetup | Nov'19 Edition

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HYDTUG -Tableau Meetup | Oct'19 Edition

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