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HypTantra(TM) is a patented and trademarked protocol for the treatment of Trauma, Sexual Trauma, Depression and Anxiety.

Tantra Energy Arts Center Hypnosis is currently conducting and 8 month Study and looking for individuals and couples who want to participate

Tantra Energy Arts Center Hypnosis (TEACH) will be doing an 8 month extensive Empirical and Anecdotal Research Study beginning on October 1, 2020 and Ending June 1, 2021.

We are looking for individuals and couples who comprehend their suffering from Sexual trauma, trauma, depression, and anxiety. Participants will be allowed to be involved with a 4 or 5 session program. The normal cost of this program is $2500. Participants chosen will only pay $250. Logically and intuitively people who qualify will be among the 50 people during the interview process. For further details and to see if you qualify please call 208-639-7770 or email Sam at sreed@produktivgroup.com for a free analysis.

We will be having a monthly meetup for those interested in the study as well as finding out this groundbreaking work for healthy loving relationships.

It’s as simple as that! Daka Jag is a Master Neurolinguistics Programing Practitioner (MNLPP). He is also a Board Certified Master Hypnotist (C.Ht.) and Tantra Art of Conscious Loving Practitioner.

Daka Jag also runs a group monthly on Sex, sexuality and Sensuality and a Dating after loss in Meetup. these meetings delve more into the personal relationship advanced loving techniques and tantra philosophies.

Feel free to contact Daka Jag at these websites and email.

Daka Jag of http://www.teachdaka.com , http://www. (http://www.daocloud.com/pro/dakajag)heal.me/dakajag or email at jag@teachdaka.com

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Tie With Tempo Weekend - Saturday Class

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