Blockchain Tools : Caliper, Cello, Fabric + Oraclize


Welcome and brief introduction and the latest news on the Hyperledger technology and community.

by: Imre Kocsis
assistant lecturer at BME, local Hyperledger Champion

and: Daniel Szego
DLT Architect, Hyperledger, Chapter Budapest - Leader

Talk 1: 1000 transactions per second and beyond with Hyperledger Fabric

by: Attila Klenik

Abstract: Learn how to design Hyperledger Fabric smart contracts for high-throughput scenarios, like sensor data processing. And also learn how to evaluate your implementation with Hyperledger Caliper without actually buying dozens of sensors.

Bio: Attila Klenik is a Ph.D. student at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics conducting his research on the performability and scalability of consortial blockchain platforms, like Hyperledger Fabric. Since October, 2018 he is among the maintainers of the Hyperledger Caliper project, which provides a performance evaluation platform for blockchain solutions.

Talk 2: Spinning up Hyperledger blockchains (almost) anywhere: an introduction to Hyperledger Cello

by: Kiss Levente,
BSc student at BME, working on model-based deplyoment for Hyperledger Fabric as his BSc thesis work

Talk 3: Integrating external data sources with blockchain solutions, a.k.a Hyperledger Fabric with or without Oraclize.
In my presentation I will analyze the possibilities and challenges of integrating external data sources with blockchain applications, including but not limited to the possibilities of the external Oracle platform called Oraclize.

by: Daniel Szego
DLT Architect

Free community discussion.

This meetup is hosted by BME; pizza is kindly sponsored by Quanopt Kft.