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The Hyperledger Foundation is an open source collaborative effort hosted by the Linux Foundation and created to advance cross-industry blockchain technologies. Participation is open to all.

Hyperledger Meetup groups have an informal relationship with Hyperledger, and make up a key part of the Hyperledger ecosystem. Participation in a Hyperledger Meetup group is open to anyone--employees of a Hyperledger member company, Hyperledger contributors and developers, and people just passionate about blockchain technology.

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A conceptual introduction to Decentralized Finance

Network event

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Decentralized finance is getting to be a hot topic not only with public crypto fans but it is gaining interest in classical banking and finance industry as well.

During this presentation we are trying to give a conceptual overview of DEFI (Decentralized Finance), focusing rather on DEFI concepts and algorithms instead of exact products or market mechanism.

Among the others the following topics will be discussed:
- The DEFI stack (settlement, asset, protocol, presentation, aggregation)
- Tokenization
- Exchanges, Decentralized exchanges
- Stable cryptocurrencies
- ...

Managing Fabric Network Without System Channel Using Fabric Operations Console

Network event

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Interested in learning how to manage a Fabric network using Channel Participation API? In this session we will discuss and demonstrate how you can use Fabric Operations Console lab to easily move a network that has System Channel to a network with Channel Participation API (without system channel). We will also demonstrate how you can create and update the channel with multiple orderers as consenters and followers.

More about the Fabric Operations Console lab is at:


Speaker bios:

Varad Ramamoorthy is currently one of the Lead Architects for IBM Blockchain Platform (IBP). He leads the User Interface team that builds IBP Console that won one of the prestigious Red Dot Design Awards. Varad has been part of IBM for over 20 years, working on several products as UI architect. He is passionate about user experience, making product consumption easier for end-users.

David Huffman is currently one of the senior developers for the IBM Blockchain Platform (IBP). He leads the API development work for IBP Console. David has been part of IBM for over 9 years.

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Digital Asset & CBDC Legislation Trends - Jim Mason

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