• An Identity Metasystem - Sovrin Foundation

    Research institute CODE

    Hi Community, we are happy to announce an upcoming Hyperledger Meetup in cooperation with the research institute CODE from the Bundeswehr University Munich. Topic: An Identity Metasystem by Dr. Windley, Chair of the Sovrin Foundation (https://sovrin.org/team/) Phil Windley is an Enterprise Architect in the Office of the CIO at Brigham Young University (BYU). A passionate tech educator, he is the chair of the Sovrin Foundation, the co-founder and organizer of the Internet Identity Workshop, serves as an Adjunct Professor of Computer Science at BYU, writes the popular Technometria blog, and is the author of the books The Live Web (2011) and Digital Identity published (2005). Phil has been a computer science professor at BYU, founder and CTO of several hi-tech companies, and served as CIO for the State of Utah. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from University of California, Davis. After the presentation we have time for networking and cold beverages and snacks will be served.

  • Dive into Hyperledger and how it can be used

    We are very happy to welcome you all to the first Hyperledger Meetup after a long time with a new organizing team. The Meetup is open to everyone who is interested in joining the Hyperledger Community, interested in Blockchain technology or just wants to take a look at how Hyperledger works or it can be used. Please RSVP so we can prepare appropriately. After the talks there will be some time to get together. Slot 1 – Introduction to Hyperledger – Tim Reimers, official member of Hyperledger Meetup community, will give you all an introduction of Hyperledger and bring you up to date on what has been going on. Slot 2 – Hyperledger Fabric and how a modular blockchain framework enables custom-made solutions – Sven Buschke, Senior Manager of Deloitte Blockchain Institute, will speak about Deloitte’s activities in Blockchain and where Deloitte sees a high potential for Hyperledger Fabric. Slot 3 – Identity and access management with Hyperledger Fabric – Felix Leber, student at the Universität der Bundeswehr, will talk about his prototype for identity and access management and will give some insights about present discussions about privacy on blockchains. Slot 4 – Use cases of Hyperledger – Shashank Jain who is Head of Sales at ConVista Consulting and is responsible for the UK and Benelux markets. In addition, he also leads international sales activities for Faktor Zehn, a subsidiary of ConVista Consulting. He is also key note speaker at several events and conferences and is well known in the Blockchain community. If there are any questions please feel free to contact me ([masked]).

  • WEBINAR #2: Technical Widening on Hyperledger Fabric

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    ***Please register HERE (https://www.altoros.com/blog/event/technical-widening-on-hyperledger-fabric/?utm_source=meetup.com&utm_campaign=blockchain) to get access link*** In this webinar with guest speaker Thomas Marckx (https://www.linkedin.com/in/thomas-marckx-26770955), we will explore the Hyperledger Fabric architecture, security and privacy mechanisms. We will see how to get started with blockchain development, and learn the best practices for developing blockchain applications using Fabric. It's a 30-min talk followed by interactive part with your questions. Join the webinar! (https://www.altoros.com/blog/event/technical-widening-on-hyperledger-fabric/?utm_source=meetup.com&utm_campaign=blockchain) Agenda: • Short recap of distributed ledger technology. Open Public blockchains vs. Permissioned Enterprise blockchains. • Where Hyperledger Fabric is among the different blockchain technologies out there. • A step-by-step explanation of the concept of membership services and its responsibilities in Fabric. • Architecture of Fabric v0.6 • Security and Privacy in Hyperledger Fabric – how privacy is guaranteedIn-depth explanation of how the multi-encryptioning works. • Chaincode of the smart contract and how this can be registered and deployed (CLI, Rest API or SDK) on Fabric v0.6 • How the consensus mechanisms work (PBFT), and what is planned for Fabric v1.0 • Blockchain-ops. Run on IBM Bluemix or locally using VM’s or Docker containers. • Lessons learned and Q&A. Who should watch? This webinar will be of interest to enterprise architects, innovation managers, IT consultants, developers and leaders of teams who know the basics of blockchain technology and want to learn how Hyperledger Fabric works. About the presenter: Thomas Marckx (https://www.linkedin.com/in/thomas-marckx-26770955) is Blockchain Developer at TheLedger. After working as an IT-consultant in the financial sector for a couple of years, Thomas shifted his focus to newer distributed technologies. He currently works as a blockchain developer for Optis, which is part of the Cronos Group. Thomas is also co-founder of TheLedger, a Belgium-based blockchain consulting company. Distributed networks – which blockchains are – offer solutions that can help businesses to scale faster, automate their business processes and lower their transaction costs. TheLedger helps companies understand and implement blockchain solutions. Roger Strukoff (https://www.linkedin.com/in/roger-strukhoff-3414923) (moderator) is Director of Research at Altoros. He also serves as Executive Director of the Tau Institute for Global ICT Research, Conference Chair of Cloud Expo and Things Expo, Co-Chair of the Big Data World Forum, and Open-Source Chair for the global DCD Converged conference series. He received his BA from Knox College, and conducted MBA studies at California State University/East Bay. Previously in his career, he was VP of New Products at International Data Group and Director of Global Publications at TIBCO Software. ***Please register HERE (https://www.altoros.com/blog/event/technical-widening-on-hyperledger-fabric/?utm_source=meetup.com&utm_campaign=blockchain) to get access link***

  • WEBINAR: Introduction to Hyperledger: Blockchain Technologies for Business

    *****************WAITLIST ONLY******************* *******PLEASE REGISTER HERE (https://www.altoros.com/blog/event/introduction-to-hyperledger-blockchain-technologies-for-business/?utm_source=meetup.com&utm_campaign=blockchain)****** Does The Hyperledger Project have the potential to become the main blockchain deployment platform for enterprise teams? Absolutely! For newcomers, this webinar is a good chance to get a good overview of the Hyperledger Project. Join the webinar (https://www.altoros.com/blog/event/introduction-to-hyperledger-blockchain-technologies-for-business/)! This webinar with guest speaker Dan O’Prey (https://www.linkedin.com/in/danoprey) from Digital Asset, will provide an overview of the Hyperledger Project at The Linux Foundation. Dan will describe the basics of distributed ledger technologies, smart contracts, blockchain technology. Then Dan will discuss why a new blockchain project was needed for business and what the main use cases and requirements for the technology are for commercial applications. He will extend the overview on the history and projects in the Hyperledger umbrella and how you can get involved. Join the webinar (https://www.altoros.com/blog/event/introduction-to-hyperledger-blockchain-technologies-for-business/) to learn: • Why business needs blockchain technologies • Main points about the Hyperledger Project, Linux Foundation’s open source collaborative effort • The structure of the Hyperledger Project: leadership and team • What Hyperledger is and is not • Projects under the Hyperledger Umbrella: Fabric, Sawtooth Lake, Iroha, Corda • Use cases and PoCs • Hyperledger Community and Membership • Why join Hyperledger Who should attend: This webinar will be of interest to all newcomers interested in Hyperledger; Managers of IT, Innovation and Digital; Operation Officers and Finance Officers; individual contributors, and business people interested in blockchain adoption in the areas of Banking and Financial Technology, Trade Finance, Supply chain management, Insurance and Healthcare. About the presenter: Dan O’Prey (https://www.linkedin.com/in/danoprey) – Chief Marketing Officer, Digital Asset Dan is the Chief Marketing Officer of Digital Asset, a software company that builds distributed, encrypted straight through processing tools to improve efficiency, security, compliance and settlement speed. Dan also serves as the Chair of the Hyperledger Marketing Committee. Prior to Digital Asset, Dan was the co-founder and CEO of Hyperledger, a San Francisco-based technology firm that developed an innovative distributed ledger to allow financial institutions to clear and settle transactions in real-time. Hyperledger was acquired by Digital Asset and the trademark donated to the Linux Foundation. Prior to Hyperledger, Dan lived in Beijing where he founded and was CEO of MadeiraCloud (Visual Ops), a visual cloud management and automation tool for Amazon Web Services.

  • Dive into Hyperledger. Hyperledger and Ethereum

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    Important! Your First and Last name are REQUIRED for this meetup, so please proceed to RSVP at EVENTBRITE.COM (https://www.eventbrite.com/e/hyperledger-munchen-chapter-meetup-date-tentative-tickets-26300531598)! Big thanks to NTT Data for sponsoring the space for the meetup! Agenda: Deep Dive into HyperLedger. Hyperledger and Ethereum 5:30 - Doors open. Networking. Pizza and beers. 6:10 - Welcome. Members to vote on the topics of interests for the future meetings. 6:20 - Fireside chat: Requirements and adoption bottlenecks for blockchain in Finance and Insurance, with Fei Zhang and Varun Kannan of Allianz, Massimo Ferrari of Monitor Deloitte, and Benjamin Matten of NTT DATA 7:00 - Q&A break. 7:10 Technical Introduction to HyperLedger, with Elke Kunde of IBM 7:50 - Q&A break. 8:10 HyperLedger and Ethereum - How We Integrate, and The Path Forward, with Elke Kunde and Benjamin Matten 8:40 - 9:00 - Q&A break and wrap-up. DETAILED AGENDA: 5:30 - Doors open. Networking. Pizza and beers. 6:10 - Welcome. Members to vote on the topics of interests for the future meetings. 6:20 - 7:00 Fireside chat: Requirements and adoption bottlenecks for blockchain in Finance and Insurance • general business opportunities from end-user's point of view • how distributed ledger technology would improve the current solutions or enable new solutions which were previously unavailable • where the problem starts and where distributed ledger technology would help. Moderator: Oliver Koeth (https://www.linkedin.com/in/oliverkoeth), Executive Architect at NTT DATA, Event Host Oliver is IT advisor, architect, and technologist with 20 years experience in IT strategy, enterprise architecture, and solution architecture for digital platforms and customer management in the automotive, retail, telecommunications, and financial services industry. Panellists: Fei Zhang (https://www.linkedin.com/in/fredzhang0421), Head Blockchain at Allianz Group Passionate about marketing strategy, customer insights and predictive analytics, Fei is an INSEAD MBA with 10+ years of experience across management consulting, strategic business development and competitive intelligence. Working in a group on the forefront of Digitalization initiative of Allianz Group, Fei monitors the disruptive technology trends, evaluates impacts, builds business models and advises business units on moving to the next digital frontiers. Fei explores use cases inside Allianz organizations, implements proof of concept and promotes adoption of the concept and technology. Varun Kannan (https://www.linkedin.com/in/varunkannan), Management Consultant Intern at Allianz Group Varun is an MBA graduate with 4 years of consulting work experience in banking and financial services industry. Currently working in Project Management Steering Operations and Financial Controlling of worldwide IT-Transformation Program at Allianz Group. Varun has been looking into the use cases of blockchain based applications to reveal the relevance of blockchain in financial service providers, as well as IoT Security, Medical record management and digital signature application prototypes based on blockchain. Massimo Ferrari (https://www.linkedin.com/in/massimo-ferrari-92a27b42/en), Senior Consultant & Blockchain Specialist at Monitor Deloitte Massimo joined Monitor Deloitte´s Milan office in 2013 and has recently moved to Germany: his main project focus has been and still is in the financial services industry. He approached the bitcoin and blockchain ecosystem in early 2014 and has ever since participated in various initiatives within the Deloitte Network and in the general community, most recently the ScalingBitcoin conference, held in Milan in mid-october. Massimo is convinced that bitcoin and blockchain technology will play a crucial role in the future of FSI and in the general business environment. Benjamin Matten (https://www.linkedin.com/in/benjaminmatten), Strategic Solution Architect -Banking at NTT DATA Corporation Benjamin is Blockchain enthusiast, and Banking Solution Architect. In the past he worked as a software architect, developer and project manager for a variety of SAP applications and releases at SAP AG. Benjamin is interested in projects around SAP Banking Services or any other industry solution. Benjamin will give a business view on the Blockchain technology, and answer the question of adoption blockers and hindrances from the Financial Services Industry view. 7:00 - Q&A break. 7:10 - 7:50 Technical Introduction to HyperLedger • What is Hyperledger? Why Hyperledger? What does Hyperledger bring to the table? • Use Cases for Hyperledger • DEMO of Hyperledger • Maturity - are we ready for production? • The new world ahead. Roadmap. • Anti-patterns - when NOT to use Hyperledger • HyperLedger Community • HyperLedger Governance • How can you get involved • Summary and Next Steps Speaker: Elke Kunde (https://www.linkedin.com/in/elke-kunde/en), Industry Architect Financial Services at IBM Germany Elke is Associate Certified Architect, Solution Architect Banking & Financial Markets, Blockchain Technical Focalpoint. She is also Member of Technical Expert Council Central Region - an IBM Academy of Technology affiliate for Germany, Switzerland and Austria. 7:50 - Q&A break. 8:10 - 8:40 HyperLedger and Ethereum - How We Integrate, and The Path Forward • Ethereum, technical introduction. Get started yourself • Current challenges, expectations • When to Hyperledger, Ethereum, or Bitcoin? Moderator: Oliver Koeth (https://www.linkedin.com/in/oliverkoeth), Executive Architect at NTT DATA Deutshland GmbH, Event Host Panellists: Elke Kunde (https://www.linkedin.com/in/elke-kunde/en), Industry Architect Financial Services at IBM Germany Benjamin Matten (https://www.linkedin.com/in/benjaminmatten), Strategic Solution Architect -Banking at NTT DATA Corporation 8:40 - Q&A break. 9:00 Wrap-up. If you are willing to speak on HyperLedger or blockchain, please reach out to us! Email Victoria, Community & Events Manager: [masked]. #hyperledgerMunich Your First and Last name are REQUIRED for this meetup, so please proceed to RSVP at EVENTBRITE.COM (https://www.eventbrite.com/e/hyperledger-munchen-chapter-meetup-date-tentative-tickets-26300531598)!