Hyperledger Edinburgh @ Open Source Summit Europe


We are excited to announce that our next Edinburgh Meetup will be co-located with the Linux Foundation Open Source Summit Europe (https://events.linuxfoundation.org/events/open-source-summit-europe-2018/) which is taking place at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre (EICC) Oct 22-24.

18:30 Networking
18:45 Take #1: Hyperledger Burrow + Solidity BPM Engine

In this talk, Casey Kuhlman (CEO, Monax) outlines to how Monax leveraged key features of Hyperledger Burrow to develop and deliver to the market the very first generic business process modelling engine written entirely in Solidity. The combination of an open source BPM engine and Hyperledger Burrow's permissioned EVM blockchain offers a vast range of possibilities for business users seeking to scale out blockchain use cases. The talk will be a combination of demonstration and technical overview.

19:30 Take #2: Cross-border Blood & Organ Donations

Travin Keith (Managing Director, Agavon) will go over the architecture of a potential blockchain-powered solution that was designed to allow member states of the European Union to join a network for tracking blood donations and organ donations, primarily to inform neighboring countries regarding their current supply, especially with regards to the hospitals close to their borders. With the use of blockchain technology, no country would need to sign over any control over their own data, as well as maintained control over their own healthcare systems, while still maintaining the benefits of being part of the wider network. From a political perspective, governments in office in countries with growing anti-EU sentiment would be able to safely have their countries participate in the network as it is without the need to sign over more control to the European Union. The proposed solution also utilizes a dual-chain structure, one primarily handling the sensitive identity-related information and the other handling the logistics, in order to allow for the continuation of the latter if changes to regulations regarding identity management require changes to the structure of the former, such as if a network fork is required. The design is heavily based on the BloodChain proposal of the Blockchain4EU team that he was part of created by the European Commission JRC which used Hyperledger Iroha and Ardor.

20:00 Take #3: Reality check - Identity Management

Mansoor Ahmed will be talking about a general problem within the permissioned blockchain ecosystem – identity management. He will talk about modelling of relationships within organizations, and where hyperledger projects fall short in that regard. He will point out the necessity of new tools and propose a way forward to making these tools a reality.

Mansoor is a PhD student at the Computer Science and Technology department at the University of Cambridge. His work focusses on large scale consensus algorithms, privacy enabling technologies and the economics of information security

20:30 Wrap up

Following this meeting visitors and residents alike are welcome to join us after hours as weather permitting we take in some of the sights and sounds of Edinburgh.


You don't need to register for the Open Source Summit in order to attend the meetup but we highly recommend it as for as little as $150 you can obtain a hall pass which includes:

Keynote Sessions, Lightning Talks, Exhibit Hall, Attendee Social Events, Hallway Track & Attendee Lounges, T-Shirt and Daily Breakfast/Breaks

You can register here (https://events.linuxfoundation.org/events/open-source-summit-europe-2018/register/)