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This meetup group is for people seeking positive experiences to achieve change and increase pleasure experiences in their lives. Session format
- about hypnosis
- how hypnosis can increase pleasure states
- self hypnosis and trance
- tantric trance & experiences

I look forward to meeting you! Check out my website for more info: www.hypnosistransform.com

Rob :)

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Couples - Enhancing the Personal and Private Lives of Couples

This Meet Up is specifically designed for couples to get them back in touch with all the reasons they connected in the first place. How this Works Trance is an amplification of experience and any emotion and memory can be accessed through the experience of trance . I guide the couples into this state of mind to re access all those wonderful feelings about why they got together in the first place - to re kindle the fire . When couples are in this state of mind they experience the chemical release of oxytocin ( the bonding hormone) and endorphins which assists in re capturing and amplifying the positive feelings as to why they got together intially. Couples that have gone through this experience report they have a greater connection with their partner . This is a free Meet Up and spaces will be very limited to a few couples . See you there , best , Rob www.hypnosistransform.com

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Mind Conditioning for Positive Emotions

Freemont Street

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