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Come and learn more about hypnotherapy, the power of the mind, and the greatest self-help tool:
What is Hypnotherapy?
How does it work? How it can work for you?
Why Hypnotherapy is the most powerful way of creating positive change?
Whether you are looking for a new career in Hypnotherapy or considering sessions, this class will answer your questions.

Peter Williams CCHt., Director and Instructor at Naples Hypnotherapy Academy (http://www.napleshypnotherapyacademy.com/free-hypnosis-class) and Director and Founder of Advanced Hypnotherapy of Naples. 239-692-9988.

Our Mission is based on the belief that as human beings, we have within us all the components necessary for total and complete healing. We simply need to understand how to connect to this inner power.

As we seek to find ways to achieve lasting change, our goal is to guide our clients to this place of healing, unleashing the unlimited potential that dwells within them. As a result, we are then able to help our clients overcome issues of concern and the disempowering elements within their subconscious mind.

This then enables them to achieve the level of prosperity, happiness, and success they desire in their lives. We are a movement, healing the world one person at a time.

Our school is based on the same premise and our goal is to teach you "the hypnotherapists of tomorrow" how to affect and change peoples’ lives in a positive way.

Changing the world one person at a time.

WE INVITE YOU TO JOIN US IN OUR MISSION (http://www.napleshypnotherapyacademy.com/free-hypnosis-class)

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