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A taster day of hypnotherapy training

One of the most frequent questions we receive from prospective students is “how can I find out if training in hypnotherapy will be right for me?” We have the answer as we are happy give you a chance to experience and gain a deeper understanding of what’s involved in training as a hypnotherapist. At the same time you will get to explore how hypnosis works at our hypnotherapy training day.

• Are you curious about hypnotherapy?
• Do you want to find out more about training and what’s involved before making a commitment?
• Do you want to meet experienced hypnotherapists and understand how you can use it in your current practice or set off on a path to a new career?
• Are you simply fascinated about this amazing subject and want to find out more?

Then come along to our hypnotherapy training day and enjoy finding out why we are so passionate about our subject - and who knows, maybe you’ll ignite your passion too.

On this enjoyable, practical and informative day you will explore and learn some of the techniques and background of hypnotherapy, taking away approaches that will help you to improve your life. You will also explore how you can help others benefit from hypnotherapy and will learn how to guide someone into this relaxing and empowering state – and how to guide them out of it too!

So come along and meet us, work with us and enjoy a full and relaxing experiential day.


This hypnotherapy training day is open to anyone over the age of 18 who is interested in finding out more about training in this fascinating and empowering subject. You do not need to have any experience and all we ask is that you come along with an open mind and a curiosity to learn.

What you will learn

• How to guide someone in and out of trance

• How to guide yourself in and out of trance (we call this self-hypnosis)

• Exploring the feel-good factor with ego boosting

• Discover what trance actually is

• Find out about the rich history of hypnosis

• Explore the difference between clinical hypnotherapy and stage hypnosis

• What hypnotherapy can or cannot do – and what the medical profession think of it

• How to use hypnotherapy in your personal and working life

• Myth-busting! Separating fact from fantasy

• How hypnotherapists are ethical and ensure safety

So book now to ensure your place on this hypnotherapy training day. We are looking forward to meeting you and sharing our passion about hypnosis.

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