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Are you one of the "helpers of the world" helping others but have no or limited skills to make effective change in your friends or family?

Are you looking for a new career or hobby? or interested in the workings of the mind to improve your life and start your journey in self-development? if you recognise yourself in any of the above, our one day workshop is for you!

• Learn the science of the functions of the mind and how to change your habits
• Feel what it is like to Hypnotise someone with expert observation, in a safe environment.
• See how the subconscious mind is used in 90% of your decisions and how to use that to your advantage.
• Listen to a world-class Hypnotherapist and Coach explain how to create a new career helping others achieve their goals, letting go of the past?
• Meet like-minded people and make new friends

Live demonstrations on the day from Anthony Augustine, trainer, Coach and Hypnotherapist to the Elite:
• Do you suffer from Anxiety, panic, or empathic tendencies?
• Or old habits you are ready to let go of?
• Want to change a behaviour that's no longer serving you?

The type fo hypnotherapy you will observe is interactive, a rare form, unlike normal Hypnosis.

Who should attend:
This event is for everyone and especially those who are Coaches, EFT, NLP, Counsellors, Psychiatrist, CBT, and anyone looking to help others more effectively.

Hypnotherapy is the only modality in the world that specialises 100% in the subconscious mind, which is 95% of the mind. How much more progress would you make using this powerful part.

Join our Free Hypnotherapy training workshop in Singapore and decide if you are ready to change yourself and the people around you in a safe, fast and effective way.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain from this one-time event.

Only 20 places available for quality observation and instruction, ACT NOW SO YOU ARE NOT DISAPPOINTED
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