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Hypnotic Journeys is an 8 week transformational exploration of your unconscious mind that can help you discover answers and resources you need to relax, learn and make changes on a metaphysical level.

$35 per session.

Hypnotic Journeys is presented by Teri Holland, Hypnosis Trainer and Stefano Cossalter, Master Hypnotherapist. The unique double induction techniques provide the one-of-a-kind mind-expanding experience you need to find the answers you're looking for while enjoying deep comfort and relaxation.

Each event is a different Journey and a different experience.

Agenda :

6:30pm Doors open - Come in, mingle and enjoy some tea.

6:45pm Pre-Hypnosis discussion - Here we discuss what you would like to achieve with your Journey and answer any questions you may have.

7:00pm Hypnotic Journey - We will guide you through a unique odyssey into your mind providing an enlightening, relaxing and invigorating experience.

7:45pm Discuss the Journey – Discuss the experience with the group and prepare for the next week’s journey!

8:00pm Doors Close

Here are what some people have had to say:

"Teri and Stefano are down to earth, and super funny! Their sense of humour and their knowledge of the subconscious mind was what captivated me. I wanted to know more about Hypnotic Journeys so I attended a Monday night event. I am so glad I did!
I just finished one of my speeches and I am on my way to give another.
Thanks 🙏 See next Monday!"

Megin Alvarez

"I attended a recent hypnotic journey, guided by Teri Holland and Stefano Cossalter. It was an amazing experience lead by these genuine healers, that seemed to transcend time. My challenging tinnitus stopped for several days after this session with Teri and Stefano. It was like a little miracle. I would high recommend their hypnotic journey as well as the other healing work they offer.”
Jim Anderson, owner of Anderson Prototypes

"Great experience with Teri and Stefano at Hypnotic Journey. With life moving so rapidly this experience allowed me to slow down, focus and access my vision for the future. It allowed me to tap into my path to achieve/fulfill this vision in an amazingly calm, reflective way." Tammy Norman

“I recently attended one of the Hypnotic Journey sessions hosted by Teri Holland and Stefano Cossalter. The event was surprising on many levels. It was a deeply relaxing experience with the added benefit of lasting positive suggestion. I will absolutely be attending her next session”
Todd Hovey

The Journeys will take place in Maple Ridge. The specific location may change depending on how many people attend.

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