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Bio-Energy Reading - FREE
We had such a wonderful bio-energy reading meetup back in October, where attendees were absolutely amazed with the accuracy and insight of the bio-energy read they received from Dr. Rick Levy, clinical psychologist and a pioneer in mind-body medicine. On this meetup we are excited to have Dr. Levy offer his gifted and skilled bio-energy read to participants again. Dr. Levy is globally recognized for his ability to discern a person’s gifts, potential & path to success just by observing and speaking with them for a few minutes. During Free Clinic Dr. Levy consults briefly in private with each attendee (a person, couple, family or group) for free on a first-come, first-serve basis between 7:00 and 8:30 pm. Bring a friend – Dr. Levy’s readings are amazingly accurate, uplifting, healing and fun, a great way to bring in the New Year with joy and optimism. I hope to see you there! With Love & Light, Jessica ~

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We all know the benefits of meditation ... stress/anxiety relief, feeling calmer, finding peace, improving health, etc. But why is not everyone meditating? The truth is ... it's difficult to calm the mind enough to just start meditating!

From training with my mentor Dr. Rick Levy, Ph.D a pioneer in mind-body medicine, I have learned a scientifically proven and easy to learn method of meditation known as the Hypnotic Meditation. While healing from debilitating illnesses and other difficult life experiences, I have used this very method for my healing and transformation.

Hypnotic meditation uses relaxing hypnotic inductions to create altered state of consciousness, then guides us into deepened silent meditation. The positive results are often immediate ... people who experience this type of meditation just once a month already report an increasing sense of calmness and well-being.

We can also be creative with the process, so that the meditation focuses on achieving remarkable changes and benefits for you personally or for loved ones. It can even have an positive effect on the environment!

Anyone can learn how to meditation with hypnotic meditation ... in fact, there is very little to learn, all it takes is your intention and willingness to set aside the time to meditate. My 13-year old twin daughters meditate on a regular basis with this method.

We are excited to let our meetup community experience the following hypnotic meditation sessions:

These group hypnotic meditation sessions are free, so come as you are and bring a friend.

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