What we're about

I AM Bright Community is birthed from a place of passion to support transformation leaders who come together in a safe space to create and expand meaningful connections, share wisdom and provide more support for a balanced, joyful, healthy and conscious life.

Who is the I AM Bright Leader?

Someone who is ready to fully claim her Bright Light

Someone who is open to grow and evolve into the essence of who she is as a Bright being

Someone who is open to go beyond what they have been told or conditioned to believe who they really are

Someone who honor themselves and respects others’ cultural diversity, ethnicity, beliefs or sexual orientation because we all belong here in our universe

The I AM Bright Leader is a loving person , a peaceful Pearson , a person who seeks growth for them self, others and the world.

Collectively, let’s shine our bright light to be an example of a thriving community that facilitates new levels of relationship building, community dialogue where our voices are heard, our creativity is expressed and our Bright spirits are felt to forge a new and powerful direction for Bright leaders in our communities..

I welcome you to the I AM Bright Community

Why Join I AM Bright Community?

As a one of a kind personal development and growth women's community in the North Suburbs of Chicago, we invite you to join our growing, supportive and thriving I AM Bright Community to:

Create a deeper understanding of who you are

Meet other like minded people who, like you, ready to grow and evolve collectively as Bright human beings to share their stories, be heard and be acknowledged

Learn best tools and way's to have a more balanced life in every area of your life

Share your brilliance and wisdom to make a positive change in your life and those you meet

Build lasting authentic and deep friendships

This is a safe zone, and we encourage both men and women to join us at I AM Bright Community Events. workshops and circles

About Sahar Nafal

Dear I AM Bright Community,

It's an honor to have lead over 300 live events, gatherings and workshops for the past 20 years. Ten years ago, after leaving an unhealthy abusive relationship of 18 years and losing everything, I began The Bright Side of Life Women's Gathering quietly in my family room with 6 members. Since then, The bright side of life community has welcome over 25,000 Bright Men and Women who attended our live events in Northern California and now in Illinois.

In August of 2017, I moved to the North suburbs of Chicago ( more on why I moved here when we meet).

I m excited to start a new chapter as I continue to lead women communities and events now in the Midwest.

Welcome to the "I AM Bright" Community.

Can't wait to meet you!


Sahar Nafal


Upcoming events (2)

Engaging Speakers, Speaker Lab with Sahar Nafal

Schaumburg Corporate Center

Dear Bright Community, Do you have a burning desire to Speak and share your message so you make an impact improving the lives of others? You may be a speaker, coach, teacher, trainer or consultant — and you are most alive when you are giving your talk and then witnessing the growth, healing and transformation that is happening in the room. • You want to ATTRACT IDEAL CLIENTS from the stage with ease and grace but at times it may be difficult to do so; • You do not have a proven speaking strategy in place; • You lack the skill set to share your message with confidence and authenticity which feeds your sense of integrity and truly helps you deliver from you authentic voice; • You do not have the knowledge to communicate with promoters in order to get more speaking opportunities RIGHT NOW; Sharing your message from the stage is one of the most power business building strategies - especially at this time! Early bird tickets (available through FEB 7th) = $97 Regular tickets = $147 Register at: http://bit.ly/EngagingSpeakerLab This is a crucial time in history for you to hear this message... Globally there is a drought of women on major stages and speakers for events. Since there has been a MASSIVE expansion of seminars, conferences and events, there is not a better time to learn how to communicate with promoters in order to get more speaking opportunities RIGHT NOW! The more speaking opportunities mean the more people you will reach. As a result, you will be making a massive impact, thus growing your business faster. The Engaging Speakers Community, in collaboration with the Community Builder Expert Sahar Nafal, is hosting the first Engaging Speaker Lab. Please join us on February 22nd in Schaumburg. Here is what you will discover when you join us in this content-rich, interactive presentation: • Your Speaker Timeline: A brief tour of the history of events of your life, looking at clues that point to your speaking history. • Signature Talk: How to incorporate your core brand message, including your offer, point of view and story. • Delivery of Your Talk: Share your tailored message with confidence and authenticity. • Speaker Requirements: Learn the steps and processes to acquire speaking opportunities when talking to promoters and much more... Register today at: http://bit.ly/EngagingSpeakerLab If you ever dreamed of impacting hundreds or thousands of people at a time on a massive stage, then this is your calling and this Speaker lab is for you! (And if you are thinking - "oh, that could never be me" - then you MUST be at this event! We are even offering a few participants the opportunity to be coached from the stage on how to be prepared to talk to promoters which includes learning new skills sets of communication. About Sahar: In August of 2017, Sahar Nafal moved from the San Francisco Bay Area to the North Suburbs of Chicago. Sahar has led the Bright Side of Life Community for the past 10 years and welcomed over 25,000 speakers, leaders, teachers, trainers coaches and business owners who attend, participate, and present at her over 300 live events. She has also invited hundreds of presenters — from celebrity speakers and international bestselling authors and thought leaders to beginner speakers — to share their message on the Bright Side of Life Stage. Her leadership, speaking ability, sales skills and knowledge as a speaker mentor, promoter and community leader, have led to unique insights on how speakers need to show up on stage and most effectively deliver their message authentically. Sahar is committed to change in the speaking circuits, to open doors for women as well as a new way to be visible and authentic from the stage. Now that Illinois is her new home state, she is committed to sharing her wisdom and experience in leading women to speak on more stages in the Midwest. Register at: http://bit.ly/EngagingSpeakerLab Be Beautiful, Be Bright! Can't wait to meet you! Sahar Nafal

Soulful Leader Circle - “Inspired ‘Feminine’ Leadership, From The Inside Out

Dear Soulful Leader, “Our present time requires the wiser use of our capacity as women leaders to come together and help one another thrive in our personal and business lives”. ~Jean Houston Attention all Soulful Leaders who are creating positive transformation in individuals, groups, companies, organizations and the world. On March 7th, You Are Invited to a One-of-a-Kind Soulful Leaders Women Circle, facilitated by Sahar Nafal. Our topic, “Inspired ‘Feminine’ Leadership, From The Inside Out” Our intention is to create space for this pivotal time where we are shifting, changing and transforming. By gathering together, sharing our stories, and having meaningful heartfelt conversations, as women in leadership, we could make serious strides at work and in our personal lives. As a leader who offers positive transformation, you know that YOUR way of being is very important and your leadership skills are needed. You have a dream to serve as you are called to lead more people, and in your own unique way, you are trying to create a better world for your teams, groups, and organization. Perhaps right now you’re feeling a little isolated. Your “tribe” doesn’t really "get" you. You're searching for a support system, and you feel deep down that you want to be part of one that would be perfect for you at the same time bring other leaders together in community circle and in collaboration. What if we told you that on March 7th, you and 29 other Soulful leaders will be experiencing just that! Meet Your Soulful Leader & Expert Facilitator Sahar is an experts in her field as a community builder for women, with a distinctive and transformational style for delivering her work. She will inspire and motivate you, sharing her brilliance with you so you can have a more fulfilling and balance famine life. Here is what you'll discover with Sahar: * New ways of building community to develop supportive, collaborative and inspiring relationships as a leader. * How you can use the community Building knowledge to begin having better connections and experiences in belonging as it relates to your personal, business and global community. * Five “FEMININE” Leadership Characteristics that will support you in having more balance, clarity, and purpose * Much more... Meet Sahar Nafal Sahar Nafal, founder of “The Bright Side of Life Community” an international speaker and leader, she has devoted her business to assisting women to build stronger, deeper, and more passionate communities worldwide. Sahar is an award-winning entrepreneur, with over 2 Decades of experience as a community leader, mentor, speaker & trainer. Join us at the Soulful Leader Women Circle Register today, because seats are limited to only 20 leaders Workshop enrollment closes March 6th, 2019 Together, let’s pool our efforts and pave a new and exciting Path to Success Sahar Nafal Your Soulful Leader

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