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This Meetup is for anyone who wants to expand their spiritual practices and to share/or accept healing energies. For all interested in healing for themselves & the Earth and its inhabitants & who yearn to contribute by sharing their energy and their gifts. For those who can envision a community (virtual at first) where everyone is welcome to find Peace and sustenance & share their gifts. For those looking for a community that understands them. My vision is to create such a community someday. Welcome & Blessings!

Our meetings will take place bi-weekly or and bi-monthly, depending on where I am at the moment. I travel back and forth from Boca to North Port.

We will have discussions and demonstrations and healing circles to share our gifts. Members are encouraged to speak about their experiences, or teach a class about something they know about.

We will be organizing pilgrimages and travel to Sacred Places where powerful energies are found. These potent energies help to manifest our crystalline bodies and our ascent to the 5th Dimension.

We will accept donations in the beginning, but there will be a fee for specific meetings classes or practices.

Please let me know if you can recommend a meeting place. I am now based in Boca Raton & North Port Florida, but I am willing to travel to surrounding areas if you can provide a meeting place. Thank you and Many Blessings.


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ALL INCLUSIVE, WEEKEND RETREAT, 3 NIGHTS, ALL MEALS & EVENTS WAHANEE HEALING & TRANSFORMATION Weekend Retreat Golden Center Augusta Ga November 8th thru 11-11 JOIN OUR ENERGY FEST! Receive ASSISTANCE from Powerful & Potent earth energies to amplify Your spiritual growth and personal transformation, to help with your Ascension! What is that? It’s raising your vibration, bringing you closer to the 5th Dimension. The area called Wahanee Golden Center is in Augusta Ga. & it is one of 5 golden Cities in the US, created by Ascended Masters for the benefit of mankind. Ascension is its purpose. WAHANEE also feels like Home.....and the reason I keep going back..... (See www.IAmAmerica.com) The energy vortex in Augusta is an electromagnetic field charged with vibrational energy patterns which allow us to access higher consciousness, raising our vibration, & our connection to our Higher Self. Bringing in our Spirit, anchoring unconditional Self Love & grounding to our Mother Earth is very important. This Vortex was created with the intention to encourage Brotherhood, Freedom, & Justice for all, & also for Healing and Regeneration. ALLOW YOURSELF to CLEAR OLD BLOCKS in the Energy of this Powerful Vortex & Expand your Abundance & Prosperity! GIFT YOURSELF! AND RAISE your Vibration & Abundance levels! What’s Happening? FUN, TRANSFORMATION, LOVE & LIGHT! Guided Meditations at the Vortex & in Nature to increase your Self Love, your Abundance & Prosperity. Clearing of Spiritual interferences, of vows, contracts, agreements, blocks that are keeping you stuck. Akashic Records Readings, Energy Channeling, drumming at the Full Moon, dancing & practices for Self-Healing, introducing Sound Healing you can learn to do for yourself. This group is limited to 10 attendees. Couples are welcome. All vegetarian meals & lodging included in the price of $499/person. 10% Discounts available for payment in full by[masked]. Pay by Zelle app. GODDESSMIRACLESHEALINGRETREATS.COM

DIY Sound Healing Workshop

Bocar Community

Learn how by using various sound sources & techniques, you can improve your health & well-being. Sounds can lower blood pressure, stress and hormone levels & others. Learn how to sync your brain and your heart and live happier lives. Join me in this short workshop, & learn some new practical things! Like how to properly ground ourselves and to call our Spirit into our Body. When you feel tired, stressed, nervous, anxious, it’s a sign you’re not grounded and your Spirit is not in your body. Grounding and meditation practices, class and advice. Hope you can make it! Many Blessings to you. Suggested Donation of $10.00

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