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28 Days of Abundant Prosperity--Loving Ourselves

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As this workshop seems to have taken a life of its own, we will continue doing different aspects of abundance. For the next four weeks the title will be "28 Days of Abundant Prosperity -- Loving Ourselves." We will still using the book The Abundance Book (, by John Randolph Price, as the Divine guidance is so clear in it as we read it.

Join us as we commit to a 28 day exploration of the Abundant Prosperity in our lives. This is a life-changing workshop welcome to everyone!

Do you awaken every morning feeling rested, enthusiastic and absolutely joyous about your upcoming day? Do you know, without any doubt that you are living your highest potential and experiencing the life of your dreams? Do you see the world as one you have created and revel in its beauty and perfection?

For some of us, the answer is YES! For some, Maybe. And for some, No.

This workshop is an invitation for all of you to walk the path of abundance and prosperity and to live a life rich with a love, passion and depth so profound that your mind, today, cannot even fathom it.

Many of us are deeply impacted by the media, our friends and family, and society and often we feel that we don't have enough resources-- enough money, enough love, enough time.

As we begin to shift our beliefs from those of lack, scarcity, and limitation to one of abundance, we open ourselves up to new exciting possibilities in all areas of our lives. As we begin to embrace the world of abundance and above all, trust it, we find ourselves able to accomplish amazing feats and make tremendous contributions to our community, and experience that rich depth of passion and love in our everyday lives.

The bridge to make this shift begins with a deep look at our belief systems and the guidance to help transform them to beliefs that support and nurture our highest potential. A new set of beliefs emerges and new habits are formed, the old beliefs and attached habits are gently released with the deepest gratitude and respect. The result is a new vision with the clarity and presence of mind to experience the highest vibrations this world has to offer. We will be creating new patterns in our subconscious to help make the shift to Abundant Prosperity and as we do, we start to KNOW that we are abundantly prosperous in our natural gifts and talents, our health, our friends and family, our financial resources, our personal resources, our communities and our Mother Earth. We have opened the door to an amazing new opportunity to live in joy and possibility. And the wonderful thing is that all of this is yours NOW. This workshop will simply help you expand your consciousness to include this Truth: You are abundant.

In this exciting and dynamic workshop, we will be using a book by John Randolph Price called The Abundance Book and its set of principles, affirmations and practices. In addtion, we'll be doing fun exercises and activities to help us connect deeply to our abundance and experience the manifestation of our most dear dreams.

Tools you'll need for this class:
The Abundance Book, by John Randolph Price

This workshop is being facilitated by Patricia Cignale

Cost: $10.

Tuesdays from 6:30-8:00pm starting August 24th. Please email Patricia Cignale if you have any questions at [masked]

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