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Calling all software developers, students who code, women who code, anyone who codes, all are welcome. If you work in a software environment professionally and feel the need to build something you really want with a sense of purpose, this is the right place. Whatever the purpose might be -- fun, blow some steam, save the world, as long as it makes you happy, you are welcome. We will meet periodically and could have group coding sessions, group learn to code sessions, or just hang out at a coffee shop or bar to talk about ideas about your new app. The main goal of this meetup is simple - it is for members to meet like minded software enthusiasts who can learn from each other and support each other in their coding journey. The end result of achieving this goal may end up being a mobile/web app, a blog, a webpage, or a time machine! :)

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Arlington Tech eXchange (Excella Consulting)

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Chai coffee cafe

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