What we're about

Burning Man isn't a place you go; it's place you think up, plan, make, and do, to share and enjoy with others! And it all starts in the default world when we get together!

If you like making and inventing, learning and sharing, or just coming together to chat about the amazing past or future horizons of collaborative creation and gatherings, join us!

Hackers and slackers!
Makers and fakers!
Burners and learners!
Machinists and hygienists!
Fabricators and waiters!
Mappers and clappers!
Organizers and advertisers!
Rhymers and those who don't rhyme!
We want you and all the crazy experiences or interest you bring to share!

An incredible community that has brought out the best in many peoples' creativity and collaboration is Burning Man (aka Black Rock City). However, having been there (or even wanting to go) is *not* a prerequisite.

What matters is coming together to build a better world... or not... and just create some neat things... or just talk about making stuff together!

When we reach critical mass, maybe we'll just find a space to start working together too!

Past events (14)

The Riverside Artswalk

Urge Pallete

The Riverside Artswalk

Urge Pallete

Burning Man for Beginners: Black Rock City 101

Google Hangouts or Skype. Reach out to me for specific contact info.

Burners, Brews & TRIVIA!

Hangar 24 Brewery

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