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Got an interesting problem that your engineering group has solved that:

• You're embarrassed happened in the first place?

• Wouldn't fill a 50 minute talk?

• Defies slides and all rational talk expectations?

• You can't talk about to the world, but would gladly bend the rules over beers to a few talented and like minded typists such as yourself?

Then I Got 99 Issues But This Pull Request Ain't One is for you! We get together monthly and watch a short 30 minute-ish presentation (no slides required) about an interesting or unusual engineering problem your group has tackled.

And then we drink and be merry.

Here are the group guidelines:

• Eligible companies can send a small-ish number of engineers to any one of our meetups. Try to send someone to every one, otherwise the rest of us will get lonely.

• A company becomes eligible by giving a talk, or being scheduled to give a talk. Companies should give talks roughly once a year.

• Target talks towards technical audience.

• Talk in depth. We don't need yet another "how we deploy" or "how we used Angular to..." spiel.

• Of course you're hiring. No need to mention it, and no poaching either.

We're currently collecting members and will plan out the next few months of talks. Stay tuned for the first meetup!

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