What we're about

What we're about

Skip this meeting if you are in honeymoon with you boss. Things work out great in the office. I'm happy for you. Meet us if you are bored like hell. Or gossip over lunch is your source of excitement to show up in the office.

Why can we anticipate this? What went wrong? Our CV, a.k.a. resume. We take for granted composing it for the sake of job interview. CV is our career track record. It is also our blue print to our future. It is the manifestation of your dream, thoughts, desires.

Let's meet and discuss how we should treat our CV the way it deserves. Why we must build 2 versions of our CVs. Yes, two! The 2nd version is straight from our gut, brutally honest. Let's construct both and work them hard for our vision.

I enjoy developing businesses. I helped multinational corporations and small businesses to grow. I also develop my own. See one version of my CV on LinkedIn. Invite me, Ichsan Tobing, and write a note that you are interested this Meetup Group.

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