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Do we 'know', or do we merely 'believe'? How do we know that we are right? Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but in the post-truth Trumpian era when people have lost their faith in the so-called experts, we see a sharp decline in the quality of public debates. We can no longer distinguish the difference between facts and opinions, or can we? We cannot know whether or not our beliefs are well-grounded until we bounce them off others and stress-test them.

This is a community for tenacious seekers of the truth, serial thinkers, passionate wanderers, and contrarians.

Our goals are:

(1) to share unique ideas while encouraging independent thinking,

(2) to celebrate knowledge by learning something new from others,

(3) to foster thoughtful and empathetic disagreement,

(4) to build the culture of an ‘idea meritocracy’ as opposed to ego-driven belief persistence and confirmation bias,

(5) to provide psychological safety, whereby people feel safe to express their own opinions, proposing contrarian views and asking pressing and serious questions,

(6) and crucially, to have fun.

General rules:

Let’s be respectful of others. Let’s not be condescending or arrogant.


current affairs, ethics, love, happiness, feminism, politics, economics, sociology, metaphysics, epistemology, sociology, ontology, and much more.

We are looking for those who wish to join the core organizing group. Let us know if you are interested. Also, if you have any topic that you want to discuss, do let us know as well.

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The 29th Discussion - Theme: "The ideal leadership"

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The 27th Discussion - Theme: "Socialism vs Capitalism"

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The 26th Discussion - Theme: "Meaning of Life"

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