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What we’re about

What is IT Social Cafe?

If you love IT, work in the field or if you're just curious about technology, congratulations: this is the group for you! Join our monthly gatherings in Tokyo to network, practice English/Japanese, talk about IT, make new friends and more!

We hope to see you soon!


IT Social Cafeとは?

ITが好き、IT関係の仕事をしている、テクノロジーに興味ある等きみ!IT Social Cafeへようこそ!ネットワーキング、友達作り、英語・日本語の練習等のため、毎月ITイベントやパーティーを行っています。



Sponsored by Research Organization for Multicultural Education

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ROME are also holding other monthly international events and seminars on Meetup!
Feel free to join if you're interested:

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