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I Take The Lead may be the answer for you. We help small business owners and sales professionals build a referral based business, while creating community, one member at a time. You will want to check us out if:

•You have belonged to other leads groups and felt they were a bit stuffy or overly regimented
•You are a business owner or entrepreneur and would like to increase the number of sales you are consistently bringing in
•You are in sales and would like to increase the number of referrals you receive

We offer 2 types of leads groups: B2C (the traditional type of leads group) or B2B (for those whose customers are other businesses; you must qualify for B2B)

For more information, PLEASE check out http://www.itakethelead.com, especially the FAQ tab.

Guests are welcome to visit one or two meetings prior to joining. If you are interested in receiving the paperwork to join one of our referral groups, please contact Gene Hamilton, one of our meeting organizers.

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Virtual Bothell group meeting Need CPA, DC, Digital Media, Website, JOIN US!!!

Join Zoom Meeting https://us02web.zoom.us/j/5845087371 i Take The Lead- this groups meets every week from 9:30am until 10:30am. What is iTTL? A Referral Groups Organization? Yes….AND so much more!! i Take The Lead is a different leads group organization. Check us out at www.itakethelead.com, click on the “How we are a different leads group organization” tab and “about us” tab for 20 frequently asked questions. Beyond that……. *We offer educational seminars around town. Some examples are: Social Networking- Linked In, Twitter, etc; NLP- what is it?; your Killer Elevator Speech; etc; http://www.itakethelead.com Events…then Seattle for the entire list These are normally FREE. *Speed Networking gives another opportunity to network. These are FREE (good price). Find out what all the rage is about. Why pay up to $70 when you can join us for FREE!?!?!!? *Quarterly events - all of our local iTTL leads groups meet once per quarter. (Guests are welcome!) *Lead With Heart- we give back to the community, food baskets for families in need. We are a company with a heart and we prove that with these great acts. *Mixers- We periodically hold FREE mixers at various locations around town. Join us for this FREE opportunity to mix & mingle. We normally have new member orientations, theme speakers and GREAT people. These are FREE, FUN and PROFITABLE!!! Check us out at www.itakethelead.com, click on the FAQ tab for 20 frequently asked questions.

FREE Virtual Speed Networking - Open to ALL!

Online event

Register in advance for this meeting: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZ0vce6urj4oGdOxKTd974LDBVPXojtbTlGE After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting. SPEED NETWORKING!!! GREAT FOR SHY PEOPLE!!! Our speed networking is FREE for EVERYONE!!! Speed networking is BLAST- MOST venues charge for this- up to $100. Our speed networking is FREE- however, do NOT be deceived- it is well worth your time!!! Speed networking is one of the MOST time efficient, friendly and convenient way to meet people. Speed Dating is one of the most popular growing ways for singles to meet new people: IF IT WORKS FOR DATING IT CAN WORK FOR BUSINESS NETWORKING, too! Please join us for an evening of great networking. Learn how we support each other in our businesses, while having fun at the same time! We will have networkers from all types of professions all looking to expand their businesses by referral. Join us to find out what the BUZZ about speed networking is all about!?!?! Meet other business professionals in a convenient, casual setting. Make solid contacts and relationships. WHAT IS IT?: For 3 Minutes one side speaks. There will be a sound to end the 3 Minutes. At that time the person across from them will present their 3 Minute speech. These speeches are one on one and when both parties have spoken, there will be a shift in people from one side to go to the next person. Compare our price to OTHER speed networking groups, which can be as much as $70 or more, this is VERY inexpensive. GET MORE, PAY LESS!!! Please bring plenty of business cards. Also, do not hesitate to invite a friend or two along! Hope to see you there!!

Virtual Tacoma Friday Noon - - Hear Retirement Plan Rule Changes

Join Zoom Meeting https://us02web.zoom.us/j/97645487826 Meeting ID:[masked] We help sales professionals/small business owners increase their referral based business while creating community one member at a time, one city at a time. Our groups work at maintaining a friendly, nurturing environment. You will want to check us out if: • You have belonged to a networking group before but felt it was a bit stuffy or regimented. • You are a business owner or entrepreneur and would like to increase the number of sales you have. • You are in sales and would like to increase the number of referrals you get. • You like the idea of having a supportive team while you are building your business. We have openings for many categories!!! Check us out!!! Find out how YOU can do a 10 minute speech on your business.

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