What we're about

Welcome to I Talk to Strangers in Toronto.

We are a social networking community open to everyone regardless of age, gender, interests. And whether you are a newcomer or born and raised in Toronto, or just passing through the city, you are invited to be part of our #strangernation movement.

Through our events you will learn more about this rich and diverse city, as well as this extraordinary world, and your beautiful self, as you meet individuals from all walks of life.

This group is hosted by an international non-profit I TALK TO STRANGERS® Foundation from the United States, whose mission is to provide to an individual’s life increased opportunities, experiences, and understandings about the world around them through conversation. This is achieved through programs, projects, and events with organizations interested in promoting enriching dialogue.

Volunteer with us

No movement can grow without the help of volunteers. We need volunteers to be trained Stranger Engagers at events, community event planners, event volunteers, volunteer coordinators, partnership account managers, trainers, social media, community ambassadors and mentors for our youth programs.

We are also looking for volunteers interested in building youth development programs.

For more info, please contact alisa.c@ittsfoundations.org.

Why Talk to Strangers?

Have a meaningful conversation with a stranger to widen your perspective, expand your network and add positive enrichment to your life. In an age where social isolation has become a rampant global issue, allow yourself to have more fulfilling experiences in a day meeting new people.

Join I Talk To Strangers and make a difference in your life and everyone you talk to. And, through it all, have fun - one conversation, one stranger at a time. #italktostrangers

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Tuesday Talks With Strangers

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