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"I Am Happy Project" – Outline for Meetups

Main Website: Meetup global site: Http://

1. Introduction of attendees (Very brief – Name and Profession and depends on number of people)

2. About “I am Happy Project” - Brief History and Mission by the Asst. Organizer
Our Mission: to Spread Happiness Globally one Person at a Time.

What We Are Not!

A. We are not a Religion
B. Not a cult
C. Not MLM or Network Marketing
D. Not a Business Networking group - can happy people do business with each? Absolutely, but it is not the main attraction of this project.

What We Are!

We are focused on spreading happiness in the following ways: watch I Am Happy video on the home page of the main site:
A. By wearing the "I am happy" pin (Goal to reach 1,000,000 by December 31, 2010)
B. Distributing the "Ten ways to be happy" cards (Goal to reach 1,000,000 by December 31, 2010)
C. The efforts of our local "I Am Happy Project" Meetup group
D. The Mobile Happiness Parties and Fieldtrips

3. Pass out the Discussion card and encourage people to participate.

A. Name 1 thing you do that makes you happy
B. Name 1 idea to spread happiness in the community

4. Volunteer: Ask for Assistant Organizers. The more the better to help grow the group and plan fun activities for the group

5. Fund Raising effort. Grass Root Effort – Happy Supporters – see website.

6. Sponsoring Local Meet-ups by local businesses

7. The International Submit of Happy People: October 10, 2010 in the Happiest city in the world to be selected by members from the different cities - more details to come

8. Gratitude: Thank everyone for their support and participation. Set up date, time and location for next event. Encourage at least one event per month to last about 90 minutes not including fun events that are plan as needed by the group

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